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Click & Mi Key! The jack plug from 0,58€

  • by Alex
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

The famous Extrabutton, Pressy has already established itself here and the price is simply unbeatable! In addition, I would also like to take a look at another Mi button  – as mentioned in the comments – and introduce you to the app, so you can get a picture of it. The app works with both versions of the extra button. And, of course, a big thanks to  Mitch Bucannon for the time!

Jack Button
It looks like a small lighter, but it serves for the safe storage of the “Mi Key”
  • Pressy or click, the extra button for your smartphone
    • With AliExpress for 0,58 € |  EBay for 1,00 € (2 pieces)
  • Original MiKey with storage (see picture) and attachment to cable
    • At TinyDeal for 0,88 € | Dealextreme for 1.43 € 

Apps and functions of the jack plug in comparison

MiClick jack plug

In general, it should be said that each version – whether click or MiKey – should work with all apps. Here I would like to briefly brief you a comparison between iKey, MiClick and the click app, which Fabian had already presented at the time. All of them are able to program single, double-click, or even more, but also the button’s click can be understood by the apps, so apps can be started, photos taken, or just your screen unlocked.

Click on the button

Most interesting is the MiClick app, because this has an additional function where you can move a small point on the screen in its place the button then the touch screen . In individual cases this may be really interesting and a nice gadget which the other apps can not offer. In addition, only the Mi App seems to distinguish up to 10 clicks in a row . The last two stages are funnily referred to as ‘Impossible nine Batter’ and ‘God refers to the ten Batter’ – in my opinion!

Apart from that, the apps differ only superficially and so click and iKey for example are clearly more beautiful to look, but do not provide statistics, as is the case with the MiClick. This calls strangely but unfortunately access to ALL functions of the smartphone, which may be a bit of concern for some. Here again the downloadlinks to the individual apps, so that you have them available quickly, because the MiClick app is not available in the PlayStore, for example.

  • Click app in PlayStore
  • MiClick at Xiaomi.eu
  • IKey app in the PlayStore


Which app you should be best you should try in the best case, but in my opinion it is a really exciting gadget, that is especially at the now ridiculous price to be tested. For an attaching possibility of the jack plug on the key collar or the headphone cable is unfortunately a substantial surcharge demanded – definitely very annoying!

Unfortunately, many of you have complained about compatibility problems and unfortunately there is no reasonable listing of all supported smartphones. However, it is definitely not supported by iOS, as are Android versions under 2.3, as well as Windows Phones and Blackberrys – but this results from the lack of the app offer. According to Everbuying should be supported all Samsung devices and the HTC One or the LG G2 should be compatible. I also confirmed that the Google Nexus is supported, if you believe in various forums. Tablets the small button apparently does not at all and therefore must first be dispensed with. Very sad that some have problems here.

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