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  • “Full laser like you go …”: LED eyelashes for 23,13 €

“Full laser like you go …”: LED eyelashes for 23,13 €

  • by JaniDushman
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

When were you the last time so beautiful raven? If that is not so long ago, then you know that LED gadgets of any kind are celebrated at such parties (especially at outdoor events). After myself on such events already on people with LED Fidget spinnern and LED neckties, I am actually somewhat “hardened”. Nevertheless, these LED eyelashes, especially in combination with the advertising images and videos, are very fascinating (and perhaps minimally disturbing).

  • LED eyelashes
    • At GearBest for € 23.13 

These so-called LED eyelashes, which could loosely also in a Tron Legacy Cosplay , are actually no eyelashes (or Eyelashes). The LED strips seen here in the video come on the eyelid . According to video, the eyelashes even react to movements of the head, and cost about 40 dollars. That would justify the high GearBest price at least something.

LED eyelashes
The cables can be better hidden, but it does not look as if it is still important.

The whole thing is supplied with power by two button batteries (CR2032) which are housed in a kind of control center. These can be stowed somewhere on his body, but is recommended here but the back, as it was in movies like Matrix was already preamble. Then connect the LED eyelashes, and off you go.

LED Eyelash Eyelash
Just mount the battery center at the back of the head and hope that it will not try to control your own mind 😉.

So far, there are the LED eyelashes only in pre-sale, of course at a rather outrageous price. For Daftpunk it would not be a problem to secure the eyelashes for the next stage show , but if we want to notice normalos but absolutely in the disco, the LED neckties are definitely cheaper – with a little less WOW potential. Slowly it may be time for us to have a complete China LED cosplay . What do you think about the idea?

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