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Tumble Toy Fidget toys for $1.18

  • by Laura
  • 1 year ago
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We also ordered the Tumble Toy ourselves, and it now takes its place among all the Fidget Cubes and -Spinners that we already have here. The toy, which requires quite a bit of dexterity, is not quite as well suited to the distraction in the office everyday due to the relatively high volume. We had fun while testing.
According to Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner, the Chinese already have the next mini-sample for restless hands: The Tumble Toy, a rod that makes weights in the inner, overlaps in the vertical. Of course, it is not so good for meetings or the like, but it is certainly a good training for eye hand coordination and is certainly a lot of fun!😀

Tumble Toy Fidget Toys

  • Tumble Toy Fidget Toys
    • With TomTop for 1.74 €  | AliExpress from 1,18 € | TVC-Mall for 1,70 €GearBest from 3,10 €  (voucher: PandaGB)

Originally the toy comes from Japan, and is known under the name Kururin (thanks to T. for the reference). Strange as the movement also looks: there is no hidden trick or moving element inside. The gravity (or a small push) and the shape of the body provide the movement through which the toy “rolls” over the curved longitudinal side and re-establishes itself.

So much for the theory. In practice it turns out that it takes quite a long time to master the technology. The easiest is the simple or double overlap, for which you simply give the upright Tumble Toy a push (best with the flat-lying hand) and catch it again just like this:

Tumble Toy

There are many different tricks you can perform with the Tumble Toy, such as a flip in the square.Tumble Toy Rectangle Flip

Or in the triangle.

Tumble Toy Triangle Flip

Advanced Tumble Toy users can also play with two Tumble Toys at the same time

Tmble Toy Filp with two Tumble Toys

Tumble Toy Flip two in one hand

If you want to call yourself a real Tumble Toy King, use five pieces with one hand!

Tumble Toy Flip five in one hand

I could show you a video of your own, but the only difference to the small sections here is that the toy would fall more frequently. Apart from that, it works exactly as described.

All beginnings are hard – our experiences with the gadget

On the GIFs here it is quite fun, in reality not all the tricks succeed at first go. The simple / double overlap you have quickly out, however, I have not succeeded until now to create it easily several times in a row. Errors sneak in again and again. That would not be the problem, because for cool tricks it would be worthwhile to practice and invest time. Unfortunately even heavier combinations like the simultaneous operation of several Tumble Toys do not look really spectacular. Yes, the movement is unnatural, and it only gives you curious looks, but after the fourth or fifth time you can also do it.

Tumble Toy Toys

The real reason, however, is that there is no chance of running the Fidget Spinnern to the rank or at least as the next big hit to follow is the service. It necessarily needs a (smooth) underlay, which almost excludes the use outdoors. Wait for the bus, chill in the park or lie on the sofa, you can hold a Fidget-Spinner or -Cube in your hand. The second problem: On wood the Tumble Toy is unfortunately not particularly quiet . Especially when the technique is not perfectly mastered, it clatters loud and clear audible throughout the room, not to mention falls and failures. In no other Fidget toy, my colleagues asked me so often and regularly, but please “next” to test,

Conclusion on Tumble Toy

It does not sound very inspiring, and in fact, the Tumble Toy leaves me with all the similar toys, which have been sober in the past months. This does not mean that it would not be fun, but it is a problem if you can not create a real hype. Unfortunately, the fact that you need a support, as well as the loud noises make the whole no better.

In my opinion, it is most suitable as a toy for children, and to my knowledge, it was originally synonymous times. The processing is also tidy, the surface smooth and the gum sticks glued on top and bottom. For the whole little ones, who want to experiment with physics and who does not care if their toy is suitable for the YouTube hit, it is certainly a nice occupation. Everyone else finds enough alternatives among the countless Fidget and Fummel gadgets.

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