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Why should you report the theft of your phone?

Report robbery

What do I do if my cell phone is stolen? Denounce or step of everything? Today, losing the phone is crazy because in the device we take absolutely everything. I do not know about you, but I would rather not only lose my cell phone, but steal it and be without it. So, we are going to tell you in this article why you should report if this happens.

Before you lose it or have it stolen, we do want you to consider some basic recommendations. You must encrypt the mobile as much as you can. It is important that you have a PIN or pattern to have it protected. This is not going to give you back, but at least you’ll make sure you do not go in.

I also recommend that you have activated the option to find it in case of theft or loss and step, an app that (for example), do a selfie if the person tries to unlock the mobile and fails.

Why should you report the theft of your mobile?

But to what we go. If your mobile is stolen, you should always report it for many reasons. Basically, if the mobile appears the Police will want to contact you and it is important that you have registered the complaint to your name.

We know that the chances of it appearing are low, but it is better to report it just in case. Do not lose anything (just a little of your time) and at least will be recorded.

What do I need to report the theft of my smartphone?

You will have to carry the invoice of purchase of the mobile and data that say that the mobile is yours basically. It is also important that you have the IMEI handy, so we insist that you keep it at home in a safe place. It is very important, because it is the unique identifier of the terminal.

The first report, the second call the operator and disenroll IMEi and SIM

That is why we always recommend, in case of theft or loss of the terminal , call the operator and unsubscribe IMEI and SIM .

Yes, we know that the options to recover it are few. But if you do all this you will ensure that you at least do not access your data nor use it. Equally with luck throws it, and as you have denounced, the Police can find it and give it to you.

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