TOKQI K3: Blumenkopf Bluetooth-Speaker with LED lighting for 17,64 €

How does a flower head land on our side? Exactly, he has Bluetooth! Actually, this gadget is a Bluetooth speaker, paired with an LED and a touch sensor, the whole then becomes an interesting gadget. What exactly the TOKQI K3 Bluetooth Speaker in the plant pot design should be able to do everything, we’ve picked you up once.TOKQI K3 Blumentopf Bluetooth Speaker

  • TOKQI K3 Bluetooth Speaker
    • With TinyDeal for 17,64 €  | Fasttech for approx. 21,19 €

The Bluetooth headlamp equipped with Bluetooth V3.1 measures 11.5 x 11.5 x 12 cm  and weighs about 315 g . With the built-in 1200mAh battery the speaker should have a running time of up to 12 hours , at 4 hours of charging time. If you are surprised at the pictures, where the loudspeakers themselves are mounted at all: these are apparently on the underside of the flower head.

TOKQI K3 Bluetooth Speaker
How good the sound quality is, with such speaker gadgets is always relatively difficult to estimate.

The gadget is charged via micro-USB cable (not included). To use the Bluetooth Speaker function, no app is needed , it is enough to use the normal Bluetooth connection. The LED lamp is operated by means of two buttons located next to the micro-USB input. In addition, the lamp and the speaker are connected to a further feature, because there is a touch sensor in the inside of the flower head.

TOKQI K3 Bluetooth Speaker
Through the touch sensor, the speaker becomes a real gimmick.

What is needed for this touch sensor? The speaker can be set in two different modes. In this way, one should receive either optical or acoustic feedback via touches on the plant itself . Whether the sensor can really recognize single touching the sheets, is however somewhat questionable. The “Piano Mode”, in which different piano sounds are heard when the plant is touched, is reproduced here. How the whole thing looks and sounds, should be illustrated in this video.

Even if the piano sounds a bit habituated, the function is a nice gimmick, if it really works in practice. Otherwise, the speaker for the price is one, as I think cool and especially visually appealing gadget with little gadgets. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with very good sound, this flower head is probably not an option, which is partly due to the position of the speaker.


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