ILIFE A6 Suction robot Review

New on the market and right at our test: The ILIFE A6 suction robot is in direct competition with the in-house ILIFE A4 in terms of suction power – only the A6 is still trimmed to a stylish design. Just how strong the ILIFE A6 is compared to other models and what it has besides the chic design still on the box, read it in the review.

ILIFE A6 suction robot

Technical specifications

Suction 1000 pa (comparison: ILIFE X5: 850 pa, ILIFE A4: 1000 pa)
Volume 65 dB
Battery pack 2600 mAh
Working hours 160 min.
Charging time 5 h
Dust chamber 0.3 L
Dimensions 30.5 x 30.5 x 8.0 cm
Weight 2.55 Kg
Features Brush heads, remote control, virtual wall


As usual from ILIFE, the scope of delivery includes all the necessary accessories that can be expected for a suction robot of this price class. The A6 also has a virtual wall. The scope of delivery in the overview:

  • Charging station with charging cable (EU plug)
  • The typical ILIFE remote control
  • Medium roller (1x replacement)
  • Brush for cleaning the brush heads
  • Virtual wall (Yes!)
  • Two replacement brush heads (2x replacement)
  • HEPA filter (1x replacement)
  • Batteries for virtual wall
  • Instruction manual in English
ILIFE A6 Suction robot Scope of delivery
In addition to the virtual wall as a special, you will find everything you need

Corresponding further spare parts can be found further down in the text. The user manual in English is not required as an inexperienced vacuum robot user, the operation is self-explanatory.

Design and processing

The ILIFE A6 is to convince not only of its suction performance but also in terms of design. Not for nothing is a suction robot also in the living room and may make a corresponding impression. The vacuum cleaner is kept in matte black , the clean button is illuminated in different colors and also silver elements can be found in the design of the suction robot. In particular, the charging station and the virtual wall adapt to the vacuum very visually.

ILIFE A6 Suction robot design
The ILIFE A6 is also visually convincing in matt black

In terms of processing, the A6 is in no way inferior to its colleagues at ILIFE. Everything is basic and clean processed and does not destroy the good impression of the design. The metal clean button stands out as a small, extravagant accessory on the teat. Well okay, it is still a vacuum robot, but just a particularly stylish, which a suction robot fan can only please.😉

ILIFE A6 suction robot underside
Visually not quite so chic, but fulfills its purpose: The bottom of the ILIFE A6

Of course, the bottom of the suction robot is not as beautiful as the sight from above. The A6 works (unlike the ILIFE V7S Pro, for example) with two brush heads at the front and a roller at the center. To move and overcome obstacles, he has installed two tires that are significantly larger than other models. A small wheel can be found in the front of the sensors.

ILIFE A6 Suction Robot Bottom Tire
The two tires with which the A6 is working are significantly larger than other models

Charging station

From the charging station, the vacuum robot starts its work and automatically returns to recharge at low battery. The charging station must be supplied with electrical power by itself. Like all ILIFE models, the A6 can also be charged only when the suction robot on the side has been switched on before. Before the first start-up (and also afterwards) the suction robot has to be charged for about 5h at the charging station . The charging station of the ILIFE A6 is less reminiscent of a charging station than a starting ramp – very stylish and can be matched to the color of the sucker.

ILIFE A6 Suction Robot Ladestation
The charging station adapts perfectly to the suction robot

Ideally, the charging station is attached to a wall, so the sucker can go straight to the charging station and recognize this at a time rather than curling in the back. From the loading station, there should be a distance of at least one meter from the sides and a distance of two meters to the front to an obstacle. This allows the suction robot to park without any problems and also returns to the charging station when the battery is low.

ILIFE A6 Suction Robot Battery Charging
With a meter distance to the sides and two meters to the back, the charging station should stand on the wall

After a charging time of just under 5h, the suction robot is ready to start its service. During the charging process, the button on the surface of the suction robot lights up orange; when the battery is full, it turns off the light and puts itself into the resting state.

ILIFE A6 Suction robot charging station

Since the lighting of the charging station could disturb something at night asleep, it is recommended to place the charging station outside of the bedroom or simply to overlay the signal light of the station. After the working time of almost 160 minutes , the vacuum robot automatically returns to the charging station when the battery has been exhausted, which has always been successful in the test. However, this may take a few minutes depending on the size of the apartment.

Performance of the ILIFE A6

Preparations have to be made before the (first) start of the suction robot. Remove the cable from the area to be cleaned (from the floor), delineate the angled (sitting) corners with the virtual wall (see the  virtual wall and the handling of obstacles ) or rearrange them. The dust chamber must be used in advance and the vacuum robot must be fully charged before the first start-up.

ILIFE A6 suction robot dust chamber use
To remove the dust chamber you do not have to lift the suction robot but can simply take it out

After a charging time of 5h, the suction robot is ready for operation. This is quite a long time, but the sucker can also be charged overnight and hangs most of the time at the charging station. However, 5 hours is a good deal for charging the 2600 mAh battery. Depending on the size of the apartment, it may not be fully charged.

ILIFE A6 suction robot dust chamber underside
The 0.3 l dust chamber becomes very full and must be emptied after each cleaning

The vacuum cleaner starts his work in the household by scheduling a start time with the remote control (see ” The suction robot timed “), pressing the “CLEAN” button on the suction robot or manually starting via remote control (Play button). In addition to the suction itself, the V5S Pro works with two front-mounted brush heads, unlike, for example, the V7S Pro, which only works with a brush head. It detects obstacles and the charging station, which is installed in the front part of the teat, via several IR sensors. It also detects depths and heights and can thus escape the fall from the staircase. Strong: The A6 can cross slopes of up to 15%, which makes carpet and the like no problem.

ILIFE A6 Suction robot wall function
The suction cup recognizes obstacles at an early stage and docks them only slightly

A special feature of the performance of the ILIFE A6 (also compared to other suction robots): When the “Auto” button on the remote control is pressed twice, the vacuum cleaner switches to the “Mini Room Work” mode , which means that the vacuum cleaner no longer covers the entire room Concentrated, but only focused on a part of a room. And to the part where he is now when you press Clean twice. He then does it approximately in a radius of 15 m² .  Very handy if you suspect only in some places dirt or especially only at a selected place in the apartment is to be sucked (approximately in the corner of the dog / the cat etc.).

ILIFE A6 Suction robot dimensions
With the dimensions 30.5 x 30.5 x 8.0 cm, the ILIFE A6 also comes under the bed

On the other hand, the very small dust chamber is not so nice . This must be emptied due to its size after each cleaning operation.

Dealing with obstacles

Dealing with obstacles in the areas to be cleaned is one of the most important factors when evaluating a suction robot. Here, the ILIFE A6 provides a good but still somewhat expandable performance. He recognizes obstacles very early and throttles the tempo. However, unlike the ILIFE V5S Pro, the A6 is still docking the obstacle. This has the advantage that the furniture pieces or the like are sucked more precisely, but they are touched. The suction robot does not matter, but sensitive furniture might suffer.

ILIFE A6 suction robot obstacles

What makes the A6 better than the V5S Pro is the recognition of corners and curves. He notices, in most cases, when he is not at a straight line, but at a corner or at an obstacle, that can be reversed. He then moves around in round movements and removes the dust so efficiently. These movements can be compared with the spot mode , which can be set manually on the remote control. Here the suction cup rotates circularly around its own axis as the radius increases and thus sucks a “spot” specifically.

Control with remote control and volume

Using the supplied remote control, the suction robot can be started, steered, returned to the charging station, timed and put into different suction modes. However, you will use only a small amount, since the suction robot has a very good automatic mode (see the  individual suction modes of the ILIFE A6 ). It is worthwhile, however, to increase the suction power of the A6 by pressing the “MAX button” (arrow button down). Here it unfolds its complete suction power. However, this also results in the battery becoming louder.

ILIFE A6 Suction robot remote control functions
The typical ILIFE remote control: in this case the same as the V5S Pro: Compact and simple

Normally, the dealer already gives a volume, which I then with an app for the volume measurement match. With the ILIFE A6 this was not specified in advance in the technical data, the app comes to 65 dB . The sucker is not as loud as the ILIFE A4, but also not as quiet as the V5S Pro. It moves in a pleasant setting, the operating noise does not interfere even if the sucker sucks in the same room in which one is at the moment.

Suck the suction robot

Like all known suction robots of the ILIFE brand, the A6 can also be used. This means that the teat will automatically start its service – when you want it. So you plan the working hours for the suction robot with the remote control:

  1. Press the Plan key (left under the MAX key)
  2. “Up” arrow key changes the time by one hour
  3. “Down” arrow changes the hour by one hour
  4. “Left or right” arrow key changes from hour to minute (and vice versa)
  5. Press again the Plan key to save
ILIFE A6 Suction robot remote control timer
The start time of the ILIFE A6 can be pre-programmed via the remote control

The planned time at which the teat should start can be rejected by switching off the teat. This means, however, that the suction robot must remain connected continuously if it is to meet your chosen working hours. In the rest state, however, the teat consumes only very little current, which makes it not bad to leave the teat off the charging station. Alternatively, you can set the scheduled time also to 12 o’clock, so your previously set time expires and you can choose it again. The fact is that the suction robot can not be started at 12 o’clock but only at 11:59 o’clock, 12:01 o’clock, etc.

The individual suction modes of the ILIFE A6

In addition to the automatic cleaning, the A6 also has the functions  Spot (suction robot rotates in larger circles around itself) for the removal of larger heaps of dirt as well as the  wall  (sucker runs straight walls and corners). These can be set in the manual control via the remote control. In the test these worked very well, however, these are more to be regarded as a player than as a particularly great advantage. However, if you have just received and unpacked your new vacuum robot, you will be glad to use it for the first test drives.

The virtual wall

A virtual wall can be used to delimit areas that the suction robot is not intended to run off. The suction robot recognizes the virtual line via the built-in sensors and reverses. From my point of view, virtual walls are the most practical accessories for a vacuum robot.

ILIFE A6 suction robot virtual wall
The virtual wall can be used to unplug areas that the vacuum robot is not supposed to run off

The virtual wall of the A6 is – clearly – adapted to the chic design of the vacuum cleaner and is clearly more comprehensible to the user compared to other walls. On the top of the wall there is a clear inscription showing the location of the “forbidden area” for the suction robot and the area to be cleaned.

ILIFE A6 Suction robot Virtual wall
Visually appealing and well labeled: the virtual wall of the ILIFE A6

The signal for the ILIFE A6 comes from the side of the wall, it is recommended to place the boundary for the suction robot on a wall. The signal does not work in either direction. The virtual wall is placed as in the following image:

ILIFE A6 Suction robot Virtual wall use
The virtual wall emits a signal in one direction and should be placed on a wall

The ILIFE A6 recognizes the virtual wall already half a meter in front of the line that we are looking for and makes an immediate turn in a 180 ° rotation. This is optimal and the prohibited area remains unaffected. Thus, the virtual wall can only be said: Everything done right at the most important accessories of a suction robot.

ILIFE A6 Suction robot Virtual wall performance
You can not pass! The A6 recognizes the signal of the virtual wall already half a meter before

Signals and sounds

So far we had in the office unfortunately no suction robot, which could be expressed in our language to tell us how he is doing so. The ILIFE A6 signals beeps and various color signals. The beeps indicate, however, only the beginning of a suction process or confirm the charging process at the charging station. Generally the A6 comes with very few signals. Here is an overview, so that you always know what your vacuum robot is:

Signal Importance
Orange light always shines Suction robot is in the charging process
All lights off Battery is fully charged, then quickly changes into idle mode
Green light is always on Suction mode
Through red light Error, suction robot has a problem
Through orange light Low battery
Continuous green light Suction robot is in automatic cleaning mode
ILIFE A6 Suction robot display
Using the “Auto” button, you can see what the robot is doing, in which mode it is


  • suction
  • Virtual wall
  • Various selectable modes
  • Pleasant operation noise
  • Stylish design
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Small dust chamber
  • Long charging time

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