Wall sticker moonlight for 1,97€

The moonlight wall sticker is again just cheaper at AliExpress for 1,97 €.

If you would like to look at the moon from a distance or want to embellish the nursery, you can do this with the Moonlight wall sticker now.

Moonlight wall sticker

  • Moonlight wall sticker 
    • At AliExpress for € 1.97 |  EBay for € 2.88

The wallsticker is 10-12cm depending on the supplier and according to the pictures it sticks to both walls and windows. Practically, you can use it as a small night light for the little ones. Since the said stickers are more or less hand-sized, you get bigger models (about 30cm), which are relatively expensive compared to about 10 €.

With this sticker for 13,15 € you can also choose from several colors (yellow, blue, pink, green and “multiple”), it is about 30cm size.


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