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  • For the youngest and most drunk: Gyro Bowl for 2.68 €

For the youngest and most drunk: Gyro Bowl for 2.68 €

  • by Tim K.
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

Many of us are not adept at dealing with the power of gravity, either because we are still young, have no experience, or because we are in a state of repressing that experience. So that there is no malaise, this gyroscopic bowl is also known as Gyro Bowl an ingenious invention.

Gyro Bowl

  • Gyro Bowl
    • At  AliExpress for £ 2.68  |  EBay for $ 2.79  | Amazon for 3,19 €

The Gyro Bowl  is almost a small bowl with handles (+ lid) which adapts to the angle and so always in the solder to mother earth.

Gyro Bowl bowl
No matter how clumsy you are, everything remains in the bowl

Although this product is more for small children, which have an incredible ability to tilt food, but I think from 1.2 per thousand, this Gyro Bowl is also a very funny / useful matter ;-). A clever idea.

Gyro Bowl with lid
With integrated lid

Thus, the Gyro Bowl is the ideal gadget for the festival breakfast, dinner on a harborside, dinner in the waterbed or snack in the hammock .

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