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DIY saltwater car for 1.83 € and monster print for 14.57€

  • by JaniDushman
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

A small car that can drive without battery, LiPo and without solar panel? Yes you can: the salt water car (thanks to reader  Burny ). Still a small exciting toy, especially we looked for you directly after something slightly larger and directly a monster print found!
Salt Car

  • Salt water car
    • On eBay for 1,83 €  | Amazon for $ 1.99

But before you fuel the car with salt water, you have to take action yourself and build the car – true to the motto “Do it yourself”. Of course all parts (sheets, engine, housing, tank, etc.) and the manual are included. You should know the principle from the school, Mr. Volta and Galvani have already discovered the effect of the Galvanic cell “some time ago”.

There are 3 magnesium leaves, each of which contains 5-7 hours of energy – that is a lot. To make the contact, two drops of saline water (larger conductivity) are sufficient, which, according to the description, reach 200 meters. If the time is not sustainable, then I do not know.

For the slightly more demanding among us or who already has enough of the small salt water car, for those there is then the larger variant as Monstertruck:

Salt water monster print

  • Salt water monster print
    • With AliExpress for 14,57 € | Amazon for 16,34 € (Prime Shipping)

The principle here is the same as for the salt water car, the different parts have to be assembled by themselves and then the monster pressure is operated with salt water. The cart is sent in a 22 x 18,4 x 7,8 cm carton and weighs about 300 grams. With this more elaborate model, children should be supported. The official age is eight years. In the case of monster pressure, the tire height can still be adjusted for the respective terrain so that the distance to the ground is increased.

The salt water is by the way not a great art, if someone does not know where it should be. 😀 First of all, it leaves the current weather situation definitely quite good for it, just a few hours sweat and afterwards the clothes wring out and voilá: salt water!😀

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