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  • Use the bottle opener to charge the smartphone !? The most interesting data and charging cable gadgets

Use the bottle opener to charge the smartphone !? The most interesting data and charging cable gadgets

  • by JaniDushman
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

Charging cable – one does not love it necessarily, but it needs, but nevertheless, if one its devices not just inductively charged. But cables do not always have to be boring – some even prove to be true gadgets, others probably as gag. We have put together for you the most interesting, funny and questionable cable creations.

Charging cable camouflaged as bracelets

Charging Cable Bracelet

  • USB charging cable with silicone strap design
    • In the Micro-USB version at AliExpress for 1.18 €
    • In the Micro-USB or Lighting version at Aliexpress for 3,63 €
    • In the PU leather version with Lightning at AliExpress for 10,71 

These pretty simple bracelets in the silicone look really do not look like charging cables. Admittedly, they look a bit like very rudimentary fitness tracker, but hide at the closure a USB, as well as a Micro-USB plug. The slightly nobler, braided version is even available with lightning plugs.

Charging Cable pearl bracelet

  • USB charging cable in pearl bracelet design
    • In the Micro-USB or Lighting version at AliExpress for 2.45 €
    • In the nobler wood version with Micro-USB at Banggood for 14,01 €

We have presented them to you in the past, but they do not want to deprive you of them here: the charging cables disguised as colorful pearl bracelets; Both with micro-USB, as well as with lightning connector. And best of all, we can even offer an almost masculine variant this time.

Charging cable in the key holder format

USB cable as key holder

  • USB charging cable in key holder design
    • In the Micro-USB version in the silicone look  at AliExpress for 0,83 €
    • In the Type-C version in silicone look  at Banggood for 1.44 €
    • In the leather version with Lightning  at AliExpress for 6,45

Similar to the previous bracelets, these key pendants come from. Once the keybund is hung, friends and colleagues probably only rarely ask for a charging or data cable, but only needs a USB-enabled power source. The connectors – Micro USB and Type-C; In the nobler leather variant only available as lightning – are firmly clicked into the part with the key ring so that you can hang the cable also on the belt loop, without having to worry that your key is lost.

Wide USB key pendant

  • USB charging cable in lanyard key holder design
    • In the micro-USB version  at Everbuying  for 2.03 € | At AliExpress for $ 7.95
    • In the Lightning version  at AliExpress for 4,77 €
    • In Pink & Gray with Lightning  at AliExpress for 6,36

An even more versatile variant form these broader USB cables in key-hanger format. If the cables are covered with leather or PU leather, the lightning and micro connectors are hidden in the small leather case, as well as lightning in the pink and gray PU leather version.

USB key pendant with GPS

  • USB charging cable in GPS function & Bluetooth remote trigger

    • Lightning in the version  in everbuying  for 14,69 € | At GearBest for € 14.86

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