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dodocool Bluetooth Mini Speakers DA84 Review

So you drown any smartphone! The dodocool mini-speaker fits in any case and is ideal for on the go.  With just 45 grams you could easily forget that you have it with it. How it performs sound and processing technology, you will learn in this review.

dodocool-bluetooth speakers

Scope of delivery, design and processing

In addition to the speaker are included a micro-USB charging cable, a hand strap and a user manual.

Unfortunately, the charging cable is very short

The small Bluetooth speaker is very simple and available in matt black and white. For the selected materials dodocool respects here primarily on resistance, therefore the loudspeaker is almost completely from metal, plastic was used here only on the bottom. The processing is nothing to complain about – the speaker has no processing weaknesses. It is only 42 mm high and 37 mm wide.

Dodocool speakers
The dodocool speaker is only slightly wider than a 2 € piece


In addition to the main function of the speaker, namely by Bluetooth to listen to music, dodocool has the speaker two other small functions, which makes him still a little smarter. On the one hand , it has a microphone which allows it to be used as a hands-free system . During some test telephones we did with the small loudspeaker, this worked perfectly. My opposite did not notice that I did not phone over my smartphone, there was no feedback or lack of understanding. Another funny feature is the “self-timer function” – Yes you can really use the small speaker as a self-timer for the smartphone camera 😀 . For this you simply have, While the speaker is connected to the smartphone, start the camera and press briefly on the on / off button of the loudspeaker – zack! Already the photo is shot. Works with iOS and Android.

Dodocool speakers back
Middle of the on / off button, therefore a rubber ring for non-slip stand

Sound quality

Here, of course, you have to keep in the back, that the loudspeaker costs 10 € and is really very compact. It can not, of course, keep up with the UMi BTS1 or the Enusic 002. You should see it as an extension of the internal smartphone . The dodocool speaker is a lot louder, but mixes at full volume a slight scratching. But as I said it is rather a funny gadget for the key collar than a serious Bluetooth speaker.

Battery and Bluetooth range

The built-in 300 mAh battery holds (according to the manufacturer), depending on the volume, 2-4 hours and thanks to Bluetooth 2.1 it is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices. The Bluetooth range is indicated with approx. 10 meters, which is also approximately on free space. In closed rooms it is, of course, correspondingly less, more than a concrete wall does not create the signal strength unfortunately.


The dodocool mini Bluetooth loudspeaker is a funny gadget for on the road, which the mobile phone or laptop loudspeaker is not enough can improve its sound, especially in terms of volume, neatly . The additional hands-free and self-timer function is not expected with such a small speaker and are a nice addition.

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