“What else is there?” – Xiaomi sunglasses

To start with, first of all pure table: yes, we are Xiaomi fanboys. Why? Because in the last few years they have stamped a new stamp on the merchandise trade from China and have succeeded in improving the image of the Chinese copying culture, which has been negatively affected in the past, by a whole bit. Xiaomi produces top smartphones , a MacBook competitor and develops gadgets that make our home smarter for little money . But that does not seem enough for the Chinese …

Man and woman with Xiaomi sunglasses

Especially in the last few months, Xiaomi products are appearing, which in our editorial department also have some skepticism. Obviously, the brand has thus established itself and established an image that gadgets, which expand Xiaomis offer spectrum first appear strange. We especially remember the  electric mop or the Xiaomi ballpoint pen. Fairly, however, one must say that we have found the latter in the test quite good.

The latest prank of the Chinese, however, is now probably the entrance into the range of fashion accessories. With the Xiaomi Mi TS sunglasses are the responsibility of Ray Ban from now probably shake their knees. Because Xiaomi is based on a classic Pilotenbrillen design and offers polarized polyamide glasses, which guarantees a 100% UV protection . These were framed without frames and the brackets are made of stainless steel. More comfort is made possible by the center of gravity of the glasses being 8mm behind the usual center of gravity of a pair of sunglasses. And it should not have been that yet: in addition, the glasses are explosion-resistant . Then Jason Statham will soon be Xiaomi brand ambassador …

Xiaomi sunglasses in black

Of course we are always open to new things, but the special something is missing here. Admittedly, we are not sunglasses experts, but we see no innovations here, but a simple, if probably well-produced sunglasses. If they had at least Bluetooth … In contrast to the comparable Ray Ban model , these are still cheap, but we are still not quite as we agree. Currently, the Xiaomi sunglasses currently available in the sale for 34.12 € with geekbuying,  but only in black, while the other models are available only for the actual price of over 50 €.

If you’re an even bigger Xiaomi fanboy than we are, this nifty biking bike is just right for you. We prefer to stay with the old-tried one🙂

Our editor with horse head mask and sunglasses
This is more our style.

How do you stand? Can you forgive the Xiaomi and just laugh at it, or do you even celebrate the expansion to new product areas? Or do you think they are a little wrong?


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