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MAZE Alpha: Is the smartphone without bezels you’re looking for?

MAZE Alpha

The new brand MAZE has a smartphone that is not for everyone, a 6-inch phablet without bezels that has aroused much hype and in fact the brands already speak of it as the alternative to the Mi Mix of Xiaomi .

Now, we have talked about the MAZE Alpha more than once but today we come to give you 5 reasons to buy the MAZE Alpha, a great mobile that you will love and that once you see it completely will leave you astonished. Thanks to GearBest we can take it of offer during 15 days that this promotion lasts.

MAZE Alpha Battery

5 reasons to buy the MAZE Alpha

There are many, of course, not only 5 but we are going to talk about the ones that most draw our attention to make us with a terminal like this at the time of the era of smartphones “no bevels” and I say in quotes because in reality all Have a slight bevel.

  • It has a large screen in a reduced body – The mobile phone has a 6 inch screen with FullHD resolution in a very contained dimensions, so much so that you can already see its metallic design with a large screen. Not too big, it’s like a conventional 5.5-inch cell phone but with half an inch more screen.
  • It has a double camera to the height of what you need – It integrates a double camera with f / 2.2 signed by Samsung that allows to capture the surroundings and obtain very professional effects.

Maze Alpha

  • It has a large battery of 4000 mAh – It has a large battery with fast charge through the USB Type-C, this added to its Helio P25 will allow us to enjoy a great autonomy.
  • Comes with Android 7.0 Nougat – It carries the latest version of personalized Android and that will allow us to enjoy all the news of the operating system of Google, perfectly in Spanish with the original ROM and Google Play, all upgradeable via OTA.
  • It costs very little – It only costs 160 euros today to June 30, yes as you hear, it is on offer for a price that gets into the basic range but without being a basic range, quite the opposite.

Do you like the MAZE Alpha? The truth is that it is precious and I would have thousands if it were because I already have a cell phone. Do you like the MAZE Alpha?

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