WLtoys Q353 – Amphibious drone in test – for 56,43 € from Germany

New low price, even with shipping from Germany. With the Coupon AJX8C2 , the amphibious drone at TomTop is now available for € 56.43.
We’ve got a whole handful of new drones lately for testing (and playing 😉). One of them is the Q353 from WLToys . The Quadrocopter has an unusual design, is more like a boat shaped and has two floating bodies instead of support feet. It can also land on water, start and even move forward.

Amphibious drone WLtoys Q353

  • WLToys Q353 
    • With TomTop for 56,43 € (voucher: AJX8C2 ) | AliExpress for 84.83 €Banggood for 77,06 €
Dimensions 36.5 x 36.5 x 12.0cm
Weight 323g
Battery / endurance 1200mAh / 7 minutes
Charging time Approx. 120 minutes
Particularities Floating, splash-proof


So far, I have only been able to unpack the Quadcopter and fly once, so I do not want to speak of a “test” yet, but can give you my first impressions. Even if the basic shape with four arms and rotors is of course the usual, the Q353 nevertheless has some special features. The body is shaped like a ship’s hull and on both sides are floating bodies made of Styropor , including two small wheels through which the drone can also roll. The arms are strikingly thin, and the two backs can be tilted by about 45 ° at the push of a button.

WLtoys Q353 carton
The carton of the quadrocopter is generously designed.

The peculiarity of the construction: If you lean your arms forward and gently accelerate, the Q353 moves forward, both on land and on water. This can theoretically also start with start-up , even if the Quadrocopter of course does not need. It looks cool. 😉To steer the copter is, however, more difficult, and at all, the forward movement due to the small tires only succeeds on a very smooth ground. On water I have not tested it so far.

The flight time is seven minutes . Whether this is so true I can not yet estimate, because I am during the first battery charge is actually always continuously (and landed) again. The value seems to fit. The loading actually took quite a long time and the two hours indicated for this should be about.

By the way, the battery is permanently installed, the connector is located at the rear end under a rubber cover. This is at the same time the power button, over which the drone is started.

Battery cover and power button of the WLtoys Q353 water drone

There are few other problems with the operation. The control is in the usual mode 2 (sometimes also a Mode 1 version can be ordered), and there are four different speeds (40/60/80/100%). All settings for speed, trimming and lighting as well as the battery status of the drone are displayed on a small display: I like this.

In the air, the Q353 reacts very sensitively, especially in the height control, and drops rapidly when the thrust is removed too quickly. Especially if you slowly get used to the altitude hold function of other drones (like me), their lack is sometimes unusual. So here is fingertip feeling. Apart from this, the control works so far perfectly, and as soon as you switch to 80 or 100%, the drone in flight is wonderful control.

So far, I am quite satisfied with the WLtoys Q353. My personal highlight are the starts, which are simply not possible with most of the drones because they need bikes. I look forward to the first water starts and landscapes. The remote control convinces me also, negative only the solid battery with the comparatively long charging time and the very sensitive control to the weight.

The Q353 is at least currently priced at € 61, and extends the use of the drone on water and land. After the first start to water is followed by a somewhat more comprehensive report.


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