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  • Water repellent (hydrophobic) T-shirt for the muck for 21,83€

Water repellent (hydrophobic) T-shirt for the muck for 21,83€

  • by Tristan
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

Be honest – who has recently messed up the shirt; Whether it be coffee, lunch or morning brushing? And who would not have wanted a T-shirt, in which everything liquid simply peels off? Just. The hydrophobic t-shirt!

Beverry T-Shirt

  • Hydrophobic t-shirt
    • At AliExpress for $ 21.83 | Banggood for 24,40 €

The T-shirt is made of microfibre and hydrophobic, so water repellent. This explains the right price of the shirt. With this wonderful advertising face you have to strike (pun intended). 😀
You get the t-shirt in black or white. In addition, you have the choice of a black shirt for women or those with pictures at AliExpress. The names of the options are slightly confusing, because I could not discover a t-shirt in green, brown, blue, gray or gold. Perhaps this is a surprise for the customer.

Fun aside, next to the water-repellent function, the T-shirt should also have a cooling effect and bring you low-odor through everyday life. Despite the hydrophobic property, the shirt is easy to clean and can be stowed without creases after the wash. As far as size is concerned, you have everything from M to 4XL, but you should pay attention to the dimensions of the respective shop, as Asian sizes are always smaller than European ones. The benefits of the hydrophobic T-shirt have been demonstrated by Banggood in a video:

And, would the shirt be for you? 🙂

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