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  • “They’re spinning …” – Chinese? Toothpicks Crossbows as the latest trend

“They’re spinning …” – Chinese? Toothpicks Crossbows as the latest trend

  • by JaniDushman
  • 2 Years ago
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As we have known for a long time, and especially our community members have long known, all sorts of strange and confusing things come from the Middle East. Many things at first glance completely crazy, however, has already established itself as a trend here also in Germany: who has not heard of Fidget Spinnern, probably lives behind the moon🙂

However, Chinese youth has long since passed to a new trend: toothpicks crossbows. These are actually miniature versions of the traditional weapon, which are equipped with standard toothpicks.

Toothpicks Crossbows
Toothpicks Crossbows as the latest trend

Fun Fact : the (early form of the) crossbow was already 200 v. In China, to keep hostile peoples from the Great Wall🙂

With this small metal weapon the toothpicks are supposed to shoot up to 20 meters wide and have the force to loosen smaller items loosely. Supposedly, the risk of injury is so great that some mail-order houses have already taken the toothpick crossbows out of the assortment. However, there is (yet) no general, nation-wide ban on weapons.

Weapons or weapon-like objects we have already presented to you a few presents and usually the discussion in the comments was very mixed. For example the firearms from building blocks were on the one hand praised as a beautiful toy for children, on the other hand as glorifying violence and unfit for children.

Toothpicks crossbows - shotguns building blocks
A beautiful or a bad childrens toy?

On the other hand, there are actually potential weapons, such as the HX Outdoor Survival knife, which usually arrive very well with you, only the import and the weapons offer here for discussion needs. The same is true of the so-called Kubotan, a self-defense pin made of metal. This, too, is officially not a weapon.

Toothpicks Crossbows - kubotan
Is this already dangerous?

Even the real, large crossbow is not considered a prohibited weapon in Germany. It is legal for sportshoes from 18 to buy. In miniature it is even very cute to watch and fun makes it quite sure to shoot. However, I personally find the risk of injury especially with small children but quite high, especially if something should be in mind.

“They spin the …” -Chinesen? How are you and would you buy the crossbow for you or your children?

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