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  • Take the new Leagoo M7 with double camera for 62 euros in igogo

Take the new Leagoo M7 with double camera for 62 euros in igogo

Leagoo M7 62 euros igogo

Leagoo has introduced a few days ago a new mobile, the Leagoo M7, a low-cost phone that perfectly mimics the iPhone 7 Plus but not only in design but also in its capacity by having a double camera.

This Leagoo M7 can be found now for only 62 euros in Igogo but before making the purchase we want to explain the reasons why the Leagoo M7 is one of the best cheap mobiles that you can buy. For 62 euros you will not find anything equally powerful in the market.

Leagoo M7 offer

The best features of the Leagoo M7

Leagoo M7 3

Of course seeing only its price is difficult to think that we can find something better or cheaper since most smartphones have a price quite higher but there are still more reasons to consider this terminal for your purchase.

It has eyes at night and a powerful night mode

Leagoo M7 7

The Leagoo M7 makes some great photos at night. Thanks to the double camera and its f / 2.2 aperture the phone takes some great photos. Its 4P lens system lets you capture clearer images in darker environments.

Leagoo M7 9

It has double rear camera and dual LED flash

Leagoo M7 double flash led rear

The double LED flash is supported by the double rear camera for better illuminated night shots. The combination of two lights of different tone serve to give the photos a better brightness and color temperature. You can adjust the flash to change the naturalness of the photos and that allows you to capture more real photos with the M7.

Integrates a very fast front-end reader

Leagoo M7 5

The Leagoo M7 leaves behind the awkward fingerprint sensors at the rear to mount a fingerprint sensor on the Home button on the front, a reader that is able to take selfie photos in just 0.19 seconds.

Leagoo M7 2

The Home button now has several functions as indicated and also offers a fast recognition of the very good footprint, allows you to recognize the footprints well in any of the directions that you put your finger and also allows to be used as a Home button.

It’s more comfortable than ever

Leagoo M7 6

The Leagoo M7 is manufactured in a really comfortable unibody chassis , a phone with only 7.9 mm of thickness that is made really comfortable thanks to its curvature and sides. Its screen, to work also in this direction, integrates 2.5D sides that allow you to enjoy great grip and comfort. It is a terminal that gives pleasure to take in the hand.

Removable 3000 mAh battery

Leagoo M7 4

The phone, unlike the current trend of the market, integrates a 3000 mAh battery that can be removed and enjoys fast charging at 1.5 A / 5 V that will allow you to refill the battery in a short time.

Specifications of the Leagoo M7

It is certainly a great phone and you just have to see its specifications to realize:

  • MediaTek MT6580A 4-core.
  • Double rear camera (8 MP + 5 MP).
  • Camera for 5 MP selfies.
  • 5.5 inch HD screen.
  • 1 GB of RAM + 16 GB of storage.
  • Front fingerprint sensor that unlocks in 0.1s.
  • Removable 3000 mAh battery with fast charge.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat integrated.
  • Dual SIM with dual standby.

Yes, all this for a price of only 62 euros in Igogo. What are you waiting to do with him?

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