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  • Selfie Drone JJRC H37 “ELFIE” for 37,11 € from Germany

Selfie Drone JJRC H37 “ELFIE” for 37,11 € from Germany

If you want to increase the drone, but do not want to wait, ELFIE will also receive from TomTop for € 37.11 from Germany.
If the small Selfie DOBBY drone is  too expensive, it is hoped to find a more favorable replacement in ELFIE . The drone is now also available from Eachine , which have impressed the JJRC version their own logo. Apart from this, however, it is the exact same model.

Selfie drone JJRC H37 Elfie

  • At RCMoment for 28,51 € |  GearBest for 31,39 €  | TomTop Price : 37,11 € (from Germany, Coupon CodeAJH371 )
  • Valentines-Edition in pink by TomTop for 48,75 €
  • GoolRC T37 with 2MP camera with TomTop for 27,59 €

Selfie drones

Dobby, Elfie, Lily, Nixie … what looks like the protagonists of a children’s Fanatsy book is the longer list of “smart” drones with camera. DOBBY was not the first of its kind, but the most favorable in terms of the installed technique. There are projects that try to finance themselves by kickstarter, among others, and models like Lily , which are still far higher than the price and take up more than just Selfies, have started similarly. ELFIE is now the lowest end of the wide range of these drones, and has a heavy booth here, as many features that the smart drones are made out of here is in favor of the price.

Nevertheless, it must now be measured with DOBBY, which we have tested before, even if this is an unfair comparison. In some places, this is as if the drone is worse than it is. That she can not keep up with DOBBY by almost one-tenth of the price, you should keep in the back head .

Processing & design

Selfie drone JJRC H37 Elfie front view
Especially in the front view she looks so snieke.

On the outside, the similarity – apart from the color selection – is astonishing. Also ELFIE has with 6,5 x 13,5 x 2,5cm (hinged) smartphone dimensions and is thereby even slightly slimmer than DOBBY. With 76.7g (with rechargeable battery) it is also amazingly light (DOBBY weighs well the triple). The arms can be folded in or out, which means that the small drone can be easily transported in the trouser pocket.

JJRC H37 Elfie collapsed
Thus, the arms can be folded.

The camera and two LEDs are located on the front, the battery is in the belly, which is also interchangeable. First, noticeable difference here: There is no perfectly shaped battery especially for the drone, but only a compartment for a small battery, which can then be connected by cable. To accommodate the in the small compartment sometimes needs more than one attempt, but still works quite well.

App & Control

The control is only by smartphone. This requires the JJRC FPV app (Android / iOS); QR codes for both operating systems can be found in the enclosed instructions. After turning on ELFIE, you connect the smartphone to the wireless signal from the drone and you will be shown an image in the app. The interface is similar to other FPV apps and provides known elements.

Screenshot Elfie Live Picture
Connects smartphone and drone via WiFi to see the live image of the camera.

For a better understanding, we have explained the individual buttons in the following. Their meaning from left to right is:

  • Take picture
  • record video
  • View photos / videos
  • Change speed (30/60/100%)
  • Enable Altitude Hold (displays two new arrow keys in the middle)
    • High: Start / Lift
    • Down: Land
  • Activate the tilt control
  • Show control elements (ON / OFF)
  • Show more options (displays 4 additional icons)
    • Invert the camera (Kopfüber)
    • 3D display
    • Headless fashion
    • Calibrate the drone (only on the ground)

The gray “360 °” button in the middle provides overshoots, the controls underneath and next to the controls serve to fine tint the last, if the drone should warp in one direction.

Flight behavior

Thanks to the built-in Altitude Hold function , ELFIE maintains its own height, which greatly simplifies operation. That worked in the first flight (indoor) also very well, fluctuations in the height there was hardly. In a first flying test under the open air, it was clear that the wind was already drifting and that the drone had to be stopped. What is quite positive (especially in enclosed spaces) is noticeable: The engines are relatively quiet for a quadrocopter, and the noise of the drone never unpleasant.

In contrast to DOBBY, ELFIE has  360 ° overshoots and headless mode , which is somewhat obscured by a photo drone. An uncontrolled turning of the drone in headless mode or even hectic overlaps can not be used for videos.

As we find a strong disadvantage against DOBBY is that the camera is here as with other quadrocopers on the front, and in the normal orientation away from the user. If one wants to self-image itself (and this is the case with Selfies), one has to turn the drone and is now confronted with the fact that the control seems to be mirror-mirrored.

Battery & Flight

The flight time with the 500mAh battery should be 7 to 8 minutes , even if GearBest corrects the figures significantly upward. Our test flights confirmed this roughly. The charging of the battery takes about an hour, also the data at GearBest differed from those of JJRC. All in all, however, are the expected and average values ​​for this battery and drones size.

Elfie battery compartment
The compartment for the rechargeable battery, into which it fits so straight.


Again: The comparison with DOBBY is, in view of the price difference, of course unfair, because of the similar design we want to lead him here anyway. So the camera, perhaps the most important component of a “Selfie-drone”, is here in 480p , which can not be matched with the 4K camera at DOBBY , and the vacation photos will not reach the very best quality. There are also missing modes such as face or motion tracking , but ELFIE must be controlled manually.

Photo of Elfie camera
Something sobering: High quality photos does not make the camera.


Along with this is an instruction manual in English , which explains all the functions of the drone actually very well. There are four rotor blades and spare parts for the motors. Tool to unscrew the drone and replace the parts, but is not there, it needs its own screwdriver of appropriate size.

Accessories of the Elfie drone
Does not look like much, but the most important thing is.

In addition to the battery, there is a charger for a USB port, which looks more like a memory stick. Nice addition is a black fabric bag, in which ELFIE can be transported a little protected, without having to carry the packaging with it.


All in all, my impression of ELFIE despite the opposite DOBBY smaller equipment is rather positive. A drone for 40 € (now even 30 €) can not offer the same as one for 300 €, which should be clear to everyone. Also in comparison with other Quadrocopter, ELFIE is top in this price class. There is unfortunately a clear shortcoming, because one thing is not ELFIE, strictly speaking, a self-driven drone . A) the quality of the photos is simply not good enough and b) the control with the forward-facing camera differently than with DOBBY simply not on selfies.

As a compact drone (also for newcomers) with smartphone control with an otherwise all-round good equipment, ELFIE is however highly recommended.

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