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Batman Fidget Spinner for €1.42

  • by JaniDushman
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal
The Batman Fidget Spinner is available again at GearBest for € 1.42, the voucher has already expired.
Fidget Toys are great to tackle stress or just kill them at the time. We have already presented to you one of the newest toys for restless hands, the Fidget-Spinner, some time ago . Meanwhile, we have some in the office and despite initial skepticism no one can now leave their fingers. So here is our small test for the ball bearing toy.
  • Batman Fidget Spinner
    • At Gearbest for € 1.42 
  • Classic Fidget Spinner
    • At GearBest for € 1.57
  • Wooden fidget spinner
    • At GearBest for 2.66 € | Amazon for 7,99 €

In addition to the classic model this is probably one of the most favorable models, a spinner completely (well except for the ball bearings) made of wood. The shape is strongly reminiscent of a ninja throwing star but thanks to the rounded corner should not be injured. So if you prefer simple wood optics to the colorful plastic, you get your spinner for just 4 euros. But we are quickly struck by the fact that especially people with smaller hands have partial difficulties to keep the rotating spinner comfortably in the hand. You can, of course, synonymous as in the video on a table or try to balance a finger. The processed wood not only looks good, but is also quite robust. So you do not have to worry if the spinner falls once from the hand.

Fidget-Spinner in Batmanlook

Batman Fidget Spinner

  • At Gearbest for € 1.42

For fans of the dark knight there is the Batman Spinner, but also bad news, because with about 14-20 € is the toy at least me a bit too expensive. This spinner is made of plastic and represents the shape of a bat. The model that GearBest offers has, incidentally, red ball bearings and a metallic disc in the middle. The colors also vary with GearBest. So it may be that you get, instead of the black spinner, a transparent sent. This variant of the spinner, which is significantly longer than the model made of wood, is positive. Therefore it can be assumed that you get here for the price not only a different look but also better ball bearings.

Titanium Fidget-Spinner colors

  • Titanium Fidget Spinner
    • At GearBest for 3,04 €  (coupon: PandaGB )  | Banggood for 8,75 € 

These spinners are once again much friendlier to the pocket and are available in gold, black and silver. As a material one has decided here for a titanium alloy, which of course makes this spinner a bit heavier than others and he looks much more chic.

I personally find the new models all ingenious and the spinner generally much cooler than for example the Fidget Cube. However, if you are looking for a more affordable anti-stress toy, you will soon find the Fidget Cube  and  Neodymium magnets  or the classic plastic version of the Spinner.

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