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  • Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank with 20800mAh for 32,99€

Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank with 20800mAh for 32,99€

  • by Tristan
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

Recently, the term “monster battery” has fallen much more frequently, especially in connection with budget smartphones. However, if you have a smartphone without a huge battery, and you do not have to do anything else, you need the help of a Powerbank in some situations. With the Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank and its 20800mAh you get enough juice for several days.

Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank Scope of delivery

  • Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank
    • At Amazon for $ 24.99  ( Voucher : V7JYS8V8 )

Technical details

The Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank is delivered in a relatively small cardboard box. Relatively here, of course, the size of the Powerbank. Because this is anything but small and handy with  16.5 x 2.3 x 8 cm . It also weighs almost 500 grams . Nevertheless, if you keep the power of the Powerbank with 20800mAh in the back head, the unwieldy dimensions are to be tasted as required. It is also treated with an aluminum sheath of high quality and is safely processed.

Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank connections
Two USB ports, one power button and the micro-USB charging port

In addition to the performance, the Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank has two USB ports and can load two devices at the same time. In addition, one of the connections (in the picture of the rights) is equipped with the so-called  Speed ​​ID technology . This means that the Powerbank detects the charging requirement of the connected device and loads it as quickly as possible.

Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank Display
The display of the Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank

In addition to the connections and the great power, the Powerbank also has a small LCD display , on which the current charging status is displayed. If you press the power button for a short time, the display will light up in blue.

Review of the Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank

I had the Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank for a three-day camping trip. At first I can not help but notice how big and heavy the Powerbank is. Everyone who has ever traveled to a camping or festival with just a trekking bag knows how much else you have to carry along. A Powerbank should therefore occupy less space and weight. Before I started I had the Powerbank at home completely emptied by my tablet with 9600mAh completely charged (the Powerbank had a level of about 60%). The charging of the Powerbank itself took then already one night, in order to get the 20800mAh again full.

During the camping excursion I was due to the two connections as a mobile charging station abused. So I could use the Powerbank but good. In three days I have been able to charge 3-6 different smartphones. Including an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy and my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, which I have two times fully charged. I have to say, however, that most of the time hardly smartphones during the trip were used and thus the Powerbank was not fully developed. In between, a few mobile phones were only loaded for a few minutes and not complete. Therefore, the Powerbank still had 40% performance.

Askborg Powerbank Camping
For the journey quite large, but still practical


Overall, I would say that the Askborg ChargeCube Powerbank definitely fulfills its purpose with large capacity to load several devices. But I would not take them again to camp, because it is clearly too heavy and unwieldy. It is a good thing for people who want to power several appliances or people at the same time. To be able to see the Powerbank’s own charging station is a lot easier. Me personally enough but then a smaller Powerbank, also without display and with only one connection for significantly less money. You can find a selection of alternatives here.

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