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Horny Summer – Inflatable Swimming Pool Pokertisch & Bar

  • by Tristan
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

Normally, only the good old air mattress allows, instead of on the beach lounger also in the pool to relax properly. Society games and drinks must always remain next to the pool, but at extreme summer temperatures it is best not to get out of the water. No problem if you have the right equipment, and with a few friends can simply chill at the own bar in the water .

  • On AliExpress for $ 99.95 | Amazon for 38,85 €  (“Pool-Bar” with 4 seats)

60 euros is not a bargain any more, which is just me no preference, because at 35 degrees the desire to overthrow myself into the next swimming pool, my mind completely mastered. Considering that you get the “table” and four seats, the price does not look so overpriced. Ultimately, the quality of processing determines whether the floating poker table is worth its money.

So I ask myself two questions directly at the beginning: Is the buoyancy sufficient to keep other people except delicate Chinese women above water and is the whole construction stable enough so that one does not tip over? The same applies to the way, of course, for beverages that you want to have for sure and for which there are extra drink holders . When the Cuba Libre spreads at the end on the table or in the pool the summer mood.

Pool bar inflatable
This “bar”, also with 4 seats, can be found on Amazon.de

In the same direction as the Pokertisch goes also the swimming bar, which is even for about 40 euro on Amazon to have. Less space for playing cards – more space for the drinks. The effect is purely from the photos her even more stable, and the previous buyers give nevertheless  (4.1 out of 5.0 stars) in 101 reviews.

Since all parts are inflatable, they take up little space during transportation, at least not more than the air mattress would do. Whether in the bicycle basket or trunk, the floating seats come next next beach holiday or excursion to the lake.

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