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How long does the OnePlus 5 battery last for its rivals?

Charge OnePlus 5 Battery

OnePlus 5 has been one of the best mobile phones of all time , the new OnePlus 5. For us the OnePlus 5 is a great mobile but we consider that there are 7 errors that would have made it one of the best mobiles in the market, no doubt any.

At the moment we have not yet had the opportunity to test it thoroughly but there is a doubt that we can solve, its battery life. Thanks to FoneArena we can see the tests of the battery life of the OnePlus 5 in comparison with all the other competitors.

What battery is the OnePlus 5?

The OnePlus 5 has a 3300 mAh battery , this year all Android manufacturers have lowered their battery capacity a bit but thanks to the Snapdragon 835 and its great efficiency have managed to increase the autonomy of the terminals despite having given up a capacity Extra in favor of smartphone design.

In addition to that OnePlus incorporates a fast charge called Dash Charge of 5V / 4A that allows to charge the phone really fast. Do you want to know more about the results of your autonomy? Lets go see it.

There is something to talk about, plus the battery life, and it is about your charge. The charging of the OnePlus 5 is the fastest of all , only 1 hour and 11 minutes to charge the phone to 100% and 24 minutes to reach 50% thanks to the Dash Charge. The second fastest is the Galaxy S8 with 1 hour and 22 minutes but with 300 mAh less battery.

Of course they are very good data, the OnePlus 5 is up to what the users demand and with this data it seems that we will not have any type of problem to endure long days with the telephone in tow.

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