The 5+1 best smartphons for less than 300 euros you can buy in 2017

Xiaomi mi5 opinion

It may be Christmas or 2017 and you’re thinking about buying a new mobile. The new mobile you buy is going to be very good, especially if you make us cases. The problem is that depending on the budget you will be able to buy a cell phone or another but if you have 300 euros we consider that you already have money to buy a very good mobile . If you have less money at the end of the article we will leave you a list for more tight budgets (100, 150 and 200 euros).

Yes, with 300 euros to spend on your new mobile we have found 5 alternatives that will allow you to have a true top of the range and to be able to make a list under conditions we had to draw on two well-known Chinese brands, Meizu and Xiaomi. Both are in the same balance (quality and price to levels much higher than any mark of the West) and although we prefer a lot for Xiaomi (because we try more terminals) we know and we take into account that Meizu is very similar and sometimes even superior.

Meizu MX6

The 5 best mobiles you can buy for less than 300 euros

This year has been marked by the integration of Chinese brands in the West and we consider that buying a Xiaomi or a Meizu is no longer being the oddball, quite the opposite. Having a Xiaomi or a Meizu means having a big mobile at the price of laughter and being the envy of the one who has not had the courage to buy from China out of fear.

Meizu MX6 – 226 euros

The first of the list offers a lot for very little and do not think it is the little brother of Meizu Pro 6. In theory the Pro is something better but this MX6 is not far behind at all and offers you everything you may need at the most Under the whole list.

Meizu MX6 offers a similar metallic design , a 5.5-inch FullHD display, a powerful MediaTek Helio X20 inside, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. At the rear mount a large 12 MP camera. And yes, all the phones on the list have 4G. Its price is 226 euros right now, an offer.

Xiaomi Mi5 – 244 euros

Xiaomi Mi5

If you want to increase your budget a little more, the Xiaomi Mi5 has been considered by us the best mobile phone of 2016. It is a flagship that already has successor but that, thanks to that, can be found for a very content price , normally inferior to the 250 euros (in some cases we have seen its price in 204 euros). This Xiaomi Mi5 has it all. The link is from the international version, which comes with the series ROM in Spanish and Google Play.

It is a 5.15 inch mobile with FullHD resolution screen , a Snapdragon 820, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Its design is similar to the Galaxy S7 and offers a very good level, will be a mobile that will not disappoint. You can buy it in international version. Right now at a price of only 244 euros. It is certainly one of the best options on the list and its value for money is the highest from our point of view.

Xiaomi Mi5s – 289 euros


The successor of the Xiaomi Mi5 is the Mi5s, this mobile is even better than his little brother and the best thing is that its price does not exceed 300 euros, we have come to see it for a figure that touches the 260 euros although currently we find it in the market For about 289 euros. Yesterday same has been released the global ROM of the Xiaomi Mi5s and that means free way to be able to buy it.

The Xiaomi Mi5s has a 5.15 inch screen with FullHD resolution but inside it there is more power, it has the Snapdragon 821, 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, Force Touch in the 128 GB version and even a reader Ultrasonic fingerprints that work with wet hands.

The mobile phone has the same camera sensor as the Google Pixel (theoretically the best camera available on a phone.) The handset is great, metallic and feels spectacular.If you want to know more we have analyzed it.It is a mobile that we love and Now that it has a stable global ROM, it seems like the crown jewel of Xiaomi. It’s difficult to choose between the Mi5 and the Mi5s because the Mi5 is so light and manageable that it makes you want to look at it wherever you look at it.

LG Nexus 5X – 298 euros

Why is the Nexus 5X so expensive outside of the United States?

Undoubtedly, a mobile that can be bought already in Spain for a long time at a very good price. We consider that the alternatives of Meizu and Xiaomi are much more powerful at less price than the LG Nexus 5X but having a Nexus from LG always has its advantages .

It is a well-known brand, it is a mobile that quickly updates the Android version and is a very good mobile, has a very decent camera and meets in all aspects. It is lightweight, plastic, strong and very fond of. We will not buy it next to a Xiaomi Mi5 or Mi5S for more money but we would consider it if we were not able to risk asking China.

Meizu Pro 6 – 299 euros


An alternative brand to Xiaomi and we can more or less equate this. Meizu and its mobiles are really good and in this 2016 has released a Meizu Pro 6 that is really powerful. Flyme is perhaps better than MIUI in some cases and also do not usually give any type of problem with Google services. Of course, Google services are just as official as in MIUI (not allowed) so that no one believes that Xiaomi gives more problems than Meizu with Google services. If they are well installed neither of them gives problems.

The Meizu Pro 6 has a MediaTek Helio X25 10-core chip, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory. We can not forget its 5.2-inch FullHD screen with Super AMOLED technology and a rear camera of 21.6 MP. Its price is around 299 euros and also has fingerprint reader, Force Touch and a metallic design that has fallen in love . Sometimes it is for less money but this time squeeze the maximum budget of 300 euros.

Sony Xperia XA – 306 euros


There is an audience that likes Sony mobiles and the truth is that we do not dislike either. Like LG the Sony Xperia XA is one of those viable alternatives but we want to buy outside and sometimes can be found for a price of 250 euros in stores like MediaMarkt.

The Sony Xperia XA looks for something premium at a lower price than its high range and the truth is that it meets, especially in camera, design and sound (something many people do not value too much when buying a new mobile). It is a mobile that does not lose despite being moved by a Helio P10 MediaTek and not have a FullHD screen. But yes, it is a mobile that you normally like and that goes really well.

We hope that our list of 5 + 1 best mobiles that you can buy to start 2017 and you like and in case of doubts about any of the terminals remember that you can always and should use the comments to express your doubts.


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