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Xiaomi Mi5s for only 217 euros, are you going to keep waiting?

Xiaomi Mi5s offer
Xiaomi is one of those brands that has managed to stand out above all others and the truth is that is nicknamed the Chinese Apple for something . Xiaomi is a great brand and its flagships always last years in the market without messing up like the case of the great Xiaomi Mi5s.
The stock of the Xiaomi Mi5 is finished and the phone that will replace it will be the Xiaomi Mi5s. Yes, there is already the Xiaomi Mi6 which we have analyzed but the Xiaomi Mi5s is still a big mobile and costs half of money.

Xiaomi My 5s gold

Why is the Xiaomi Mi5s a great mobile?

There are several reasons to define why it is a great mobile. Just have to see our review of the Xiaomi Mi5s to see that it is a great mobile but then you clarify a little the best of this smartphone.

A flag power

The Xiaomi Mi5s integrates a very powerful hardware, thanks to the Snapdragon 821 , its 3 GB of RAM and its 64 GB of storage you will enjoy great hardware that can with anything.

The terminal also enjoys NFC , a great battery and all the technologies you need, is like having a Galaxy S7 but for 217 euros with the coupon we are going to recommend.


A note chamber

Yes, it is true that it does not have the best camera on the market but it is that neither Samsung has managed to have it. The camera of the Xiaomi Mi5s is the same as that of Google Pixel, the second best camera on the market.

The Xiaomi Mi5s carries the same sensor as the Pixel and that translates into impressive photos, photos that only a high range can take and that shows when we take the terminal.

A design that falls in love

The Xiaomi Mi5s is available in several colors but this gold with the front in white color is precious. Without a doubt, a metallic terminal, resistant and with a great design, a very comfortable screen and all the technologies that you need. Can you ask for more?

Well the reality is that you can order more and that’s a discount of up to 217 euros using the Mi5sK4G coupon  in Gearbest.

And remember, if you do not want to spend a lot of money these 8 mobiles for less than 100 euros will leave you dumb. Of course, do not expect as much power and a camera of the best in the market as the Xiaomi Mi5s.

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