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Which is better? OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 3T? The 5 differences between the two

Yesterday was presented the OnePlus 5 . So after months of rumors we were able to know the characteristics of the device. The smartphone is called to be the new flagship of the Chinese brand. In addition, it has all the elements to become a success in the market. Especially if we consider that its price is significantly lower than its main competitors.

The OnePlus 5 takes over the OnePlus 3T from the company. This device was a success for the Chinese company, so the new device has the very high bar. Will it live up to expectations? It will be interesting to see. Therefore, we present the five key differences between the two devices.

5 differences between OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T

We leave you with the main differences between the two devices.


The Chinese brand has always sought to have the best processors on the market in their devices. So they bet on Snapdragon . In the case of OnePlus 3T it had Snapdragon 821 , while the new model has Snapdragon 835 . It is the best processor on the market. Thanks to this, the OnePlus 5 offers superior performance and a much reduced battery consumption .


The OnePlus 5 has become the latest device to have dual camera . And they do it successfully. Especially if we consider that the camera of the OnePlus 3T left a lot to be desired. Therefore, it is seen that the company has made a huge effort to achieve a powerful camera and offer high quality photos. Something that we have already been able to verify before.


There has been much controversy with the design of the OnePlus 5 and its resemblance to the iPhone 7. There was also some controversy with the OnePlus 3T in its day, but not of this magnitude. The design has changed. The corners are somewhat more rounded in the new model. Also, the OnePlus 5 is slightly longer . Another aspect that differentiates them is the position of the camera. In the new device is in the upper left , while in the former was in the center.OnePlus 5 official


The battery of the OnePlus 3T is 3,400 mAh . The new OnePlus 5 is 3,300 mAh . So it’s slightly smaller, something that has disappointed some followers. Although from the company says that thanks to the new processor there will be improvements in its operation and consumption will be lower . Although there is likely to be a reduction in the autonomy of the phone.

Colors and price

When it was released the OnePlus 3T was available in two colors . They were gray and gold. The price of the device was then $ 439 in the version with less RAM, and in the other version was $ 479. The new OnePlus 5 is slightly more expensive (starting at 499 euros) and is available in two colors. One is black and the other a metallic gray. Although the specifications are different, since black has more RAM and memory available.

What do these differences look like? Do you think the OnePlus 5 is better than the OnePlus 3T?

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