7 things OnePlus 5 could improve

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It is here, the new OnePlus 5 has been presented and officially released, the clone of the iPhone 7 is present and the truth is that the brand is very far from the EPO a few years ago.

Yes, since then OnePlus has improved a lot and this year has focused on design as its main dish, offering us something that we know will work. Of course, although the new flagship is on the market there are several things that could have been improved and we would like to share with you.

It does not have a unique design

The OnePlus brand has always been characterized by doing well, better than most. This year OnePlus has not killed much and has copied the design of the iPhone 7 Plus on their phone, they have not risked too much.

OnePlus 5 official

No water resistance

Until Xiaomi has put the batteries in 2017 with the Mi6 The OnePlus 5 is still a terminal that does not consist of any IPXX protection , IP67 or splash resistance.

There are few colors

The OnePlus 5 looks great in black , true, a black mobile is much more elegant than in any other color but sometimes people want more colors and that’s what the OnePlus 5 does not have. It may still come to market, but why not a white, gray or pink variant in its launch?

The price is higher

The brands are doing it wrong, when you upgrade your smartphone the next year you do not have to raise the price. OnePlus has added to the fashion of others and has encrypted the terminal at a price of 450 euros for the most basic version compared to 399 euros that cost the OnePlus 3T at launch. Will consumers approve the new price?

Why have they forgotten the stereo speakers?

No one understands why OnePlus has not mounted stereo speakers in its terminal. True, it’s bullshit but it shows a lot in the sound and this year the brands have been encouraged to launch stereo speakers in their high range. If you really want to break the market you have to be better than the others.

Rear OnePlus 5

Do not record slow motion like others

The OnePlus 5 can make slow cameras at 120 fps in HD but no, it can not record at 240 fps in HD or at 120 fps in FullHD. This makes the slow motion worse than the competition despite having a large camera, we have few doubts.

The mute key should copy the iPhone key

OnePlus is the only Android manufacturer that controls the sound profile of the phone with a 3-way key. Actually, this key should be simpler , it comes with a silence or sound, it should be so, the third position complicates the thing and does not do anything simple.

Do you think these 7 things are easy to improve? Is the OnePlus 5 as good as it is or could it be even better? We believe that this way could improve a lot.

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