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The OnePlus 5 passes the most famous resistance test, will it survive?

Bend test oneplus 5

The OnePlus 5 has been introduced and like most mobile phones on the market, it has already undergone the most famous resistance test, the Jerry test.

Yes, the truth is that this youtuber has a test so polished that can detect some strengths and weaknesses of smartphones. In this test the resistance to scratches and scratches, fire resistance and also resistance to torsion, which is known as bend test, is tested.

How did the OnePlus 5 go in the test?

Well the reality is that it is best to watch the video but the fact is that the OnePlus 5 has passed the test of resistance with a very good note, let’s go in parts to see how it has gone.

Scratch Resistance

Like most screens , the OnePlus 5 starts to get damaged with a level 6 resistance in mohs which means it will not be damaged with keys, coins or the like.

As for the rest of the cell phone should not forget that it is manufactured in a chassis with anodized aluminum and that makes it easy to scratch the whole with a simple cutter, as you hear. It strikes easily and skips the paint but not with a few keys or coins.

The fingerprint reader is covered with ceramic and that makes it also very resistant to all types of scratches and as for the buttons and speaker these also skip the paint with the cutter but show great resistance.

Fire resistance

As for the burner test, burning the pixels of the screen, the OnePlus 5 shows great resistance to this through many seconds in which nothing happens.

That yes, if you manage to burn the pixels of the screen these are damaged and then it seems that they are not easily repaired but for that it takes a lot of time, they take a long time to get damaged.

Torsion resistance

As for the famous bendgate there is not, the OnePlus 5 holds as a champion the test of the hand and the youtuber does not manage to double it, yes it is true that he gets to remove the screen from the site but with a simple touch, Just as it was in the first moment.

The reality is that it looks like a great mobile, will certainly give much to talk despite costing almost 500 euros and bring the best hardware on the market.

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