The camera of OnePlus 5 is one of the best of 2017, here you have samples

OnePlus 5

Since its presentation on June 20, the OnePlus 5 is generating a multitude of headlines . The device of the Chinese brand is being placed as one of the favorites of the year. It has more than enough characteristics to be. Among them is his camera. As we already knew this week, the device has a double camera . It is the latest smartphone to jump into this trend in 2017.

The camera of the device is formed by a double sensor Sony . The first of these is a 16-megapixel sensor and the second 20-megapixel sensor . They have an angle of 27 and 37 mm respectively. It is without doubt the best camera that the brand has made so far.

Pictures taken with the OnePlus 5 camera

Since OnePlus announced that they would collaborate with DxO for the development of the OnePlus 5 camera, rumors were many. There was also a lot of hope in the outcome of this collaboration. And they have not disappointed. We are facing one of the best cameras of the year , and that the level is being very high in 2017. The combination of both lenses is perfect.

We can get clear , bright images with realistic but lively colors at the same time. In addition, the presence of optical zoom helps to achieve better images, especially for certain types of portraits . Without a doubt, the work done by OnePlus has been great, and we are seeing the results. In addition, you can see the pictures that the phone works perfectly in all kinds of situations. Even in those in which the light is more complicated. Although in night shots it is more noticeable the absence of stabilization, although it is not too big a problem compared to its strengths.

While the OnePlus 5 camera is not perfect, it is a huge step forward by the company. The camera was the weakest point on its previous devices. Therefore, this change of direction is important. If its previous telephones already had much potential, the company has achieved its consolidation with this OnePlus 5 . Now the company is ready to face its competitors. If you are interested in buying the OnePlus 5, do not miss this great opportunity and take a discount on Geekbuying. What are your impressions about the OnePlus 5 and its camera?

Source | Android Central


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