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  • Comparison: OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Who will win?

Comparison: OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Who will win?

OnePlus 5 vs Galaxy s8

Comparisons are commonplace in the world of mobile technology. On this occasion, we face a Chinese brand against a South Korean, two clear examples of which in Asia, are doing the things of wonder. With the launch of the OnePlus 5 (one of the most anticipated), there has been a wave of many positive comments about the mobile and is slightly opaque to other high-end smartphones.

OnePlus 5 is stepping on the high end

Which mobile phone is best to buy? , Here comes much at stake what is design, price and tastes. OnePlus has definitely not disappointed, is something we appreciate, we expected a good mobile and we have been given a terminal beast. The Samsung S8 since it came out, has given much to talk about and like everything, is Samsung at the end of the day, was something to be expected.

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8


OnePlus 5

Galaxy S8

screen AMOLED 5.5 “1080 × 1920 Pixel AMOLED 5.8 “1440 × 2960 pixels
Processor Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 Exynos 8895 Octa
CPU Octa-core (4 × 2.45 GHz Kryo & 4 × 1.9 GHz Kryo) Octa-core (4 × 2.3 GHz & 4 × 1.7 GHz) – EMEA
GPU Adreno 540 Mali-G71 MP20
Battery 3300 mAh 3000 mAh
Frontal camera 16 MP 1080p, Auto HDR 8 MP, f / 1.7, autofocus, 1440p @ 30fps, Auto HDR
Rear Cameras 16 MP, f / 1.7 + 20 MP, f / 2.6 dual-LED flash 12 MP, f / 1.7, 26mm, autofocus, OIS, LED flash
MicroSD card Do not Yes
Internal memory 64 GB, 128 GB 64GB


Here the thing changes, the mobiles do not resemble at all and are different from the point of view that you see them. On the one hand, Samsung bet on “infinite” screen, in contrast the OnePlus 5 follows the design that has been doing since the 3T , those yes, slightly adjust the bezels. At this point, if you want your mobile to stand out, the OnePlus carries a negative point, because the screen of the S8 is impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 bet for a more elegant and impressive design with the naked eye, while on the OnePlus 5 have gone by metal and a flat screen (much like the iPhone 7). We are faced with two completely different designs and completely different screens. Here, you will have to be guided by your tastes and preferences.


In this section you can see many differences. Both are good in performance, however, the OnePlus 5 has 8GB of RAM in its most powerful version and along with the Snapdragon 835, make the mobile a complete beast, but the S8 is very short. At this point, OnePlus 5 is winning.

On the screen, change the thing, since they are completely different. Samsung bets on an AMOLED 2K screen and is notoriously visible, whereas the OnePlus 5 stays in FullHD (it helps in the autonomy of the mobile but subtracts it in the experience of virtual reality). The screen of the s8 is curved, (for some users is positive and for others, negative). On the other hand, we mean that in power and storage, the OnePlus 5 wins the Galaxy S8.

Touchwiz Vs OxygenOS?


Here they do not have much in common, the OnePlus 5 has OxygenOS (looks more like Android Stock), and Samsung, bet on Touchwiz (which has improved and made changes). Among us, we prefer OxygenOS.


Samsung galaxy s8 camera

In the high-end, the best camera so far is the Samsung Galaxy S8, although the new OnePlus 5 has copied the optical zoom of the iPhone 7 Plus and is a good bet on the part of the China company. We all know that the Galaxy S8 camera is an excellent sensor and as for the OnePlus 5, it could surpass it in quality and shooting mode. This is something that we have to analyze more in depth, for the moment it is better to stay with what we already know, namely the Samsung Galaxy S8, although it is said that the camera of the OnePlus 5 is up to the S8.


We all hoped that the price of the OnePlus was very high, but the truth has not been so. Here is a difference between the two devices, as the Galaxy S8 has a higher band in terms of the price of the OnePlus 5. Those if, sometimes the Galaxy can catch on offer and its price drops to less than 600 euros, Which would approximate the price of the most expensive version of OnePlus 5.

In our opinion, it is a matter of taste, since they are unlike anything and in terms of price (can also convince you). Currently, the high range that is in first position, is the OnePlus 5. In addition, if you are one of those who looks for updates, have more functions in the camera section and design of the s8 does not convince you much. You have to choose the OnePlus 5 as your mobile.

Which one do you prefer?

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