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Leagoo KIICAA S8: The clone of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that will surprise you!

KIICAA S8 filtration

It is normal to run into the famous clones of some devices. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the flagship of the South Korean company, What is special about this mobile ?, visibly is a terminal that surprises you, in addition, has specifications of another world, but unfortunately the price is something that does not cause anyone. Acquiring the Galaxy S8 in these difficult times, weighs heavily in the pocket.

The price is what has motivated many Chinese manufacturers to carry out the copies or clones of Samsung’s flagship mobile. Which is the best so far? In this case, we will talk about a mobile made by the company Leagoo,  which has been characterized by having cheap terminals such as the Leagoo T5 in its catalog. The Samsung clone is just cooking in the oven, but from now on, many claim that it could be the best clone of the Samsung Galaxy S8, because it has a surprising similarity and even include the screen 18: 9.

What does KIICAA S8 bring to us?


At first glance the resemblance is impressive, what’s more, you can even confuse it with the S8 if you look at it, change the thing a little when you see its back, since here does not look anything like the terminal South Korean. How did we find the cell phone? , The company Leagoo has been in charge of promoting the KIICAA S8 in an exceptional way, practically it is all over Twitter, they have emphasized its high and narrow appearance and the astonishingly thin bevels as in the original S8.

Perhaps this terminal deceive many to some extent, but what makes it so interesting ?, what really surprised about this phone is its price $300 or a little more  (not going to cost an arm The face to acquire it). But not everything is pink, change the specifications a bit to see the difference in price, and the KIICAA S8 could have a resolution QHD + or less , in another instance, the mobile could have a processor MediaTek MT6763 SoC in Place of the powerful Snapdragon 835 that handles the Original S8.

On the other hand but not least, the KIICAA S8 will be available in two versions, a 4 GB of RAM along with 64 GB of internal storage and another version of 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. For now, that’s all we know about the terminal.

KIICAA S8 or Galaxy S8?

We will have to wait for it to be presented or its specifications be revealed little by little. In our case, we believe that the Galaxy S8 will not have a clone that reaches the height or that competes with the terminal, but it is already a question of each person. Here, it comes very into play what is the economic factor of each user, We recommend that if you have enough money, it is better to go for the original. But you should not underestimate a copy like this, the question for today is with which would you stay and why?

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