OnePlus 5 has no 2x optical zoom

The OnePlus 5 has no 2x optical zoom

Note that the OnePlus 5 does not have a 2x optical zoom ! If these days you have seen that there is controversy around the camera of the OnePlus 5 is that has to do with its optical zoom, because although many users thought it had 2x does not have it.

These statements were a tweet that lit the alarms of Twitter users who are always very aware of everything that is news. The tweet in question is the next one we show, they are 2:

The OnePlus 5 has no 2x optical zoom

The OnePlus 5 has no 2x optical zoom

The guys from OnePlus have just released a “copy of the iPhone”. We do not know yet why they did it when OnePlus designs were incredible. However, they have. But what is news today is that OnePlus markets the OnePlus 5 with a 2x zoom.

However, it has been tested and everything indicates that it is a lie, and that the OnePlus 5 telephoto lens only has a 1.6x optical zoom . That is, it is not 2x. This does not mean that you can not get to that, but it should also be through software.

However, following such harsh statements OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said the zoom is achieved with OnePlus SmartCapture technology . What is clear is that users have been a bit confused . However, we will soon have more data on this.

Conclusion: although OnePlus says it has X2 actually has X1.6 and gets X2 with SmartCapture

It seems that it is the technology of these guys who would get the X2 zoom . So we could say that on the one hand they lie and on the other they tell the truth. Really, if it is achieved nothing happens. But we would probably like to see the truth in the specifications. Nor was there anything to say that it was 1.6 and could be improved.

It is clear that it is a very controversial subject because the users have crossed out to the company to exaggerate the specifications to sell more. But if you get the X2 zoom are good news and that’s what matters. But do not be fooled, because OnePlus 5 has no X2 optical zoom.

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