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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: A real mobile with no bezels on the screen

Bevelled screen

Mobile phones with no bezels have become a trend, as manufacturers try to include more powerful processors. As it has become very popular, companies have been improving and implementing screens that do not have bezels as in Note 8, some phones look excellent and in another not so much. In this case we come to talk about the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 , a mobile that really surprises with the naked eye, could be the first smartphone that actually meets the “no beveling” currently.

Xiaomi My Mix 2 promises to have 93% screen

We have seen a bit of this technology in terminals like the Galaxy S7 Edge or the Galaxy S8. Today it has been filtered that the terminal will be designed by Philippe Starck and will carry Japanese JDI screens, in addition, also some 3D images were leaked of what will be the next mobile without bevels of the China company.

What technology will the JDI screens of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 have?

JDI screen without bevel

The company JDI has announced that they are making flexible screens and 6 inch LCD (18: 9). They also say that these screens will have new designs and new technology, what is the technology that JDI talks about? , Will have higher contrast pixel technology , tactile operations with wet hands and more. Xiaomi is not new using these screens, since the Xiaomi Mi 5C, has one and works great.

The new screens will arrive for the new “Mi” devices that come out, but until now, the terminal will take them with you, is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Although, we have a big question and you probably have not thought, what will Xiaomi with the fingerprint reader ?, we wondered because the screens would have to come with a fingerprint scanner under the glass or something similar, another option would be in the iris recognition system or face.

Yes, we are getting a bit ahead of the facts, but this screen is supposed to be 93% of the body, it is a big step compared to the current model that only has 91.3%.

Top Features of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi My mix 2 back

These features have been filtered from GearBest and this is what we know so far.

  • AMOLED panel of 6.4 inches (approximately) with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (QuadHD or 2K).
  • Processor Snapdragon 835.
  • Memory 4GB, 6GB and 8GB RAM .
  • Internal memory of 128 and 256 GB.
  • 19 MP rear camera.
  • 13MP front camera.
  • Battery 4500 mAh.
  • MIUI Interface 9.

On the other hand, it is also said that it may have double rear camera, but so far nothing has been confirmed and the best thing to expect. This is not official, they are only filtered specifications on the web. We hope that Xiaomi of a statement affirming or denying these characteristics, but for the moment we have been excited a bit, because this mobile will be a complete beast.

Xiaomi My mix 2 front

For now, we have to stay with the 3D images (possibly so), but the final version will have to wait officially from the China company. Once again, the Chinese manufacturers are giving battle and are not far behind. We would be interested to know what you think of smartphones without bevels . Do you think they are a good buy or not ?.

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