ILIFE V5S Pro suction robot Review

For less than 150€, the ILIFE V5S Pro vacuum cleaner had a Good price/Performance ratio anyway. At GearBest, it is still a good deal cheaper: for 133,49€ in Flash Sale ( Priority Line ). Who wants to be in the heat with dust suction.

The suction robot manufacturer ILIFE has also screwed on to one of the most popular suction robots and opens the next development stage of the popular suction robot with the ILIFE V5S Pro suction robot. We have tested extensively what the innovations to the previous models are and how the inexpensive suction robot makes in the household.

ILIFE V5S Pro suction robot

Technical specifications

Suction 850 pa (comparison: ILIFE V1: 500 pa, ILIFE A4: 1000 pa)
Volume 50 dB
Battery pack 2600 mAh
Working hours 120 min.
Charging time 2-3 h
Dust chamber 0.3 L
Modes Wall, spot, automatic, planing, wiping function
Dimensions 30.0 x 30.0 x 7.0 cm
Weight 2.05 Kg
Features Brush heads, remote control, water tank


The package contains everything you need, but also no special specials like a virtual wall or similar. In addition to the charging station with charging cable, there is the remote control for controlling the suction robot (with two AAA batteries!), An EU charging cable (no adapter necessary), a small brush (for cleaning the HEPA filter and the dust chamber), a 0, 3 l large dust chamber, two spare brush heads (two already attached to suction robot), a mop for the wiping mode and a 0.3 l water tank.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Scope of delivery
The package contains everything you need, but also no specials

In addition, there are two operating instructions, a detailed guide with a German language (the English part is more revealing) and a Quick Start Guide, which also reads better in English than in German.

Design, processing and signals

Purely optically the V5S Pro is for me not a favored model (schicker: ILIFE A6), but the color “champagne gold” is certainly not wrong, if one wants to convince his wife or girlfriend at home of a suction robot. Due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner is also high-quality processed, the color also looks more stylish than pretentious and not cheap. Is of course taste. In general, however, the 30.0 x 30.0 x 7.0 cm suction robot can be said to be: High-quality workmanship, which weighs 2.05 Kg  but is not noticeable by high weight. ILIFE also meets its reputation as well as the V7S Pro as a manufacturer of high-quality suction robots.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Processing
The ILIFE V5S Pro is clean and chic, yet weighs only 2.05 Kg

Unlike the Ainol A-S11, the ILIFE V5S Pro has a “clean” indicator on the top, which makes it possible to see whether the vacuum cleaner is switched off, in operation or in standby mode. This is already known by his brothers’ models, but this also gives his owner the opportunity to always know what the suction robot is busy. Say: If the sucker sometimes has a problem with an obstacle or the water tank is empty, this can not be understood as in the Ainol model over a display. For this purpose, the teatner signals itself via different beeps or signals. So that you always know what the 30,0 x 30,0 x 7,0 cm small suckers busy, I have these for you in a table: If the errors suggested in the table do not lead to the goal, It is worthwhile to turn the vacuum robot on or off like a computer. This approach also frequently leads to the problem solving. In our test, the only problem was that the suction robot could not free itself from a cable salad in an angled corner. The sucker came out with a triple beep and had to be freed manually. Therefore: Charge cables and other small obstacles in the ideal case before safety.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Bottom
The vacuum cleaner from below: Two brush heads operate below the suction robot, two wheels overcome obstacles

The similarity between the V5S Pro and its predecessors V5 / V5 Pro is, however, so great that one might think as a friend of certain conspiracy theories that ILIFE the same suction robot just as once again simply Under a new name. I can assure you, however, that the technique used has marked differences, which are noted below in the article. Nevertheless: If you know the predecessor not in white, but also in champagne gold, there will be no optical difference.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Tire
With its small tires, the teat removes obstructions such as carpeting without problems

Charging station

The charging station is something like the home and the office of a suction robot. From here, he starts his work and automatically returns to low battery and recharges. For this purpose, the charging station must, of course, be supplied with power via an electrical outlet and charging cable. The suction robot can only be charged by turning it on at the side. Before the “Jungfernfahrt”, ie the first Intriebnahme, the V5S Pro must first be charged for barely three hours at the charging station .

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Ladestation
After nearly three hours, the battery of the V5S Pro is fully charged and the vacuum cleaner is ready for operation

It is recommended to place the charging station on a wall so that the teat does not bend around the charging station for a long time, In this case, the charging station should be at least one meter away from the charging station and two meters away from the charging station, so that the suction robot can be easily parked out and later, when the battery is low, also back to the charging station.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Display
The small display shows how far the charging process has progressed

During the charging process, the distance between the suction robot and the charging process can be seen on the small display above the “CLEAN” button. Practical: The V5S Pro can also be recharged via the charging cable without charging station. This means that the suction robot does not always have to be charged by charging station and the lighting on the top of the station does not interfere during the night rest. Anyone who has difficulty falling asleep with light in the room should place the charging station outside the bedroom.

Performance of the ILIFE V5S Pro

The vacuum cleaner starts his work in the household by scheduling a start time with the remote control (see ” The suction robot timed “), pressing the “CLEAN” button on the suction robot or manually starting via remote control (Play button). In addition to the suction itself, the V5S Pro works with two front-mounted brush heads, unlike, for example, the V7S Pro, which only works with a brush head. It detects obstacles and the charging station, which is installed in the front part of the teat, via several IR sensors.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction robot dust chamber
The dust chamber must be used before the start. Just open the door

On the other hand, the dust chamber, which is very small with 0.3 l, is not so positive, which necessitates emptying after each suction process. Due to the fact that the charging time of almost two hours is also quite small, the size of the dust chamber is also sufficient for working hours. The V5S Pro is quite powerful with its suction power of 850 pa, but the vacuum cleaner is more for small apartments than for large houses. This is not only due to the size of the dust chamber and the low working time, but also to the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction robot flap
Water tank or dust chamber? Depending on the project, another container must be placed under the flap of the suction robot

Working and dealing with obstacles

The V5S Pro works very smart, this becomes clear after only a few minutes of suction. Obstructions are detected by the suction robot much earlier than other models, and the ILIFE A4 throttles its speed significantly, and only slightly affects the obstacle. With this he is still able to reach any dust that is in front of the obstacle. The suction device “snakes” around objects and drives them almost individually, which makes the wall function, which can be selected manually on the remote control almost unnecessarily. So there was not a single crash in the test. The speed of the teat could be a bit faster, which is more for the use in smaller apartments.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Test
The operation of the V5S Pro is extremely smart, but the suction cup is more suitable for smaller homes

The vacuum robot was tested in a nearly 40 m² apartment, which meant that the suction robot knew how to handle it. However, the apartment should not be much bigger, since the suction robot does not systematically divide its workplace (like the Xiaomi suction robot ) but works in all the rooms accessible to him until the juice emanates. With a living room, kitchen and bathroom, the vacuum cleaner finished well in two different test runs within just two hours of working time and also found the charging station strikingly fast as his battery went limp. At maximum I would expect the sucker to have a room of 60 m², in larger premises it should reach its limits and not get everything ideal.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Problem
Fiese sitting corners and cable salads should be removed in advance, otherwise the sucker gets problems

Only the angled seat corner, in which synonymous still found ground charging cables found, prepared the V5S Pro difficulties, so that it had to be re-placed once. Therefore: If possible, remove cables from the floor before use. The overall result was very promising: the floor (parquet in the living room, tiles in the kitchen and bathroom) free of dirt and dust, dust chamber full to the stop full and the standard vacuum cleaner can dust in the storage room.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction robot dust
The 0.3 l small dust chamber must be emptied after each cleaning operation

Control with remote control and operating volume

Most of the time, the suction robot will move you in auto mode while you are on the road. Of course, you can also let the sucker run automatically while you are at home. Especially because of the low operating volume of 50dB is no problem. Also with us in the test was the sucker quieter than other models , compared I have it with the ILIFE A4 and the ILIFE A6 (test report will follow shortly). These are also quite quiet, but compared to the V5S Pro but combine harvester. We did not have a quieter model in the editorial department so far.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Remote Control Buttons
Simple and functional: The remote control of the ILIFE V5S Pro

Especially when the suction robot is freshly found at a home, one would like to play something with the sucker and try it out. For this purpose and for subsequent improvement after the automatic cleaning, the teat can be controlled by remote control. Purely optically similar to the other ILIFE models, but a few symbols on the buttons are different from the other remote controls. The keys with their individual functions are, however, as usual, where they are found on every ILIFE remote control.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Remote Control
Visually almost identical with the typical ILIFE remote controls, the functions are not changed

The individually selectable modes can be found later in the article (see ” The individual suction modes of the ILIFE V5S Pro “).

Innovations to the previous models

If the ILIFE V5 still had a suction force of 600 pa (and was nevertheless very effective thanks to its smart technology!), Its successor model now comes to 850 pa. The nice thing is that this increased suction power is not reflected in the volume, but makes itself felt only by more sucked dust. The V5S Pro is once again a bit quieter than its already very silent predecessor. Working time and size of the dust chamber have remained roughly the same. The wiping function is also available again, but did not make a very happy impression in the test (see ” wiping function “).

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Design
The improvements to the previous model can be seen

Der preisliche Unterschied zwischen dem V5 und dem Nachfolgermodell V5S Pro beträgt in etwa 30€. Dieser Aufpreis wird einer Menge neuer Verbesserungen absolut gerecht. Der V5S Pro hat zwar keinen ungewöhnlichen Schnickschnack wie beispielsweise eine Kamera oder gar einen Handstaubsauger dabei, bringt aber alles mit was ein guter Saugroboter braucht. Besonders die verbaute Technik kann sich auch gegenüber teureren Modellen sehen lassen. Somit steckt die verbaute Technik des Nachfolgers des V5 andere Saugroboter derselben Preisklasse in die Tasche.


Before the vacuum robot can be wiped, the dust chamber must be filled by the water tank previously filled with water. It is recommended not to overfill the water tank, since the robot could get problems. The supplied mop can be placed on the bottom of the teat, so that the water is distributed better on the floor and no puddles form. If the teat is to be supplied with power, the water tank should be removed beforehand for safety.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction robot water tank
Before use of the wiping function, the 0.3 l water tank must be filled with water

The wiping function is not very clever processed compared to the suction function with the V5S Pro. First, the suction robot travels through its work area and distributed under funny, burp-like sounds singled out water on the ground. Over these places he then drives again and distributes the individual drops above the floor. With manual, human wiping, however, this can not be compared very well, the soil becomes wet but it does not get much cleaner. The wiping function should be a plus point for a suction robot, but in this case it is without any benefit. In my opinion, it would be more sensible to offer the suction robot more cheaply and without wiping function. My recommendation: To grab a wiper robot or hand.

The individual suction modes of the ILIFE V5S Pro

The V5S Pro is the first model that makes me doubt the meaning of the suction modes typical for ILIFE models. The automatic mode works so well that wall (suction robot moves specifically walls), spot (sucker rotates around its own axis on a spot) and MAX (maximum suction power selectable) only act as nice gadgets and no longer as practical additions to the Automatic mode.

ILIFE V5S Pro Suction Robot Wall
The automatic mode is so sophisticated that the individual suction modes are almost superfluous

Nevertheless, the individual modes are crushed: By pressing the “Spot” button, the suction robot rotates in smaller circles around itself. This is particularly useful when you have a larger accumulation of dust or dirt on a spot. With the Wall button, the V5S Pro runs along walls and corners and cleans them more efficiently. Theoretically, practically, he does this already in the automatic mode and makes the Wall-Modus thereby largely lapsed. Via the “home button”, the vacuum cleaner starts the charging station independently and recharges its rechargeable battery. This worked very well in the test.

Suck the suction robot

Switching the suction robot on the side, the scheduled time is rejected. This must then be reset with the remote control. This also means that the suction robot must remain connected continuously if you want it to meet its pre-planned working times. In the rest state, however, the teat consumes so little power that this is not a problem. So you plan the vacuum robot:

  1. Press the Plan key (left under the MAX key)
  2. “Up” arrow key changes the time by one hour
  3. “Down” arrow changes the hour by one hour
  4. “Left or right” arrow key changes from hour to minute (and vice versa)
  5. Press again the Plan button

If the suction robot signals with a beep, the command has arrived at it and the suction robot will start its work at the desired time.

Cleaning and spare parts of the suction robot

Clean the HEPA filter approximately once a month with the supplied brush and replace it after half a year. There is a second HEPA filter in the scope of delivery, so that one year without HEPA filters should be avoided without any special incidents. The brush heads must also be cleaned every now and then if they are soiled. On the other hand, the suction robot also points to you independently by beingep once (see table with signals above). If the vacuum cleaner does not recognize obstacles as well as you are used to, it is recommended to clean the front sensors with a dry cloth “gently”. Similarly, the loading contacts of the charging station should be moved, if the suction robot has problems to find them or recharge their battery.


Despite the fact that the ILIFE V5S Pro is priced as an entry-level model, the suction robot replaces a considerable part of household work in smaller apartments. The suction robot is particularly suitable for smaller apartments up to 60 m². The apartment may also be somewhat more angled, the handling of obstacles of the V5S Pro is exemplary, as well as the low operating volume. The different selectable modes are rather superfluous, as the automatic mode does a good job. Likewise mediocre is the wiping function, as other models have better submitted. In general, however, the ILIFE V5S is one of the best models in the price class 100-150€.


  • Smart, very good suction power
  • Low operating noise
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Different modes
  • Many innovations to the previous models


  • Small dust chamber
  • Low working time
  • Wiping function


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