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Xiaomi Xiao Yi 1080p Dashcam

  • by Tyler
  • 2 Years ago
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The Xiaomi Xiao Yi 1080p is equipped with a driver assistance system in comparison to the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR. If you then consider that the software and app are in English , the Xiao Yi is pretty much always the better choice.
I had seen the camera a few times in the shops; The now again sunken price I take now times the occasion for this article. What you could think of at first sight for another action cam is a Dashcam from the house Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Xiao Yi 1080p Dashcam

  • Xiaomi Xiao Yi 1080p Dashcam
    • At   Cafago for 37,65 €  from  DE  (voucher  ZPA35GY  currently only works for double ordersTomtop for 55,51 €  from DE  (currently sold out) GearBest for 53,37 €  (currently sold out)
Video Resolution 1080p @ 30 / 60fps, 1296p @ 30fps (interpolated)
Chipset YI A12 dual core (Novatek 96660)
Wide 165 °
Display 2.7 “LCD
Battery / battery life 240mAh LiPo
Dimensions 74 x 19.4 x 52.4mm
Weight 74g
Features Supports SD cards up to 64GB

Of course, the Cam can theoretically also be used as an actioncam. Since the Cam is primarily intended for use in the car, where it can be powered permanently by cigarette lighter with power, only a  240mAh strong battery was installed – clearly too little for Actioncam enthusiastically.

Some will ask themselves now, why I then not simply use my Actioncam as Dashcam? However, the XiaoYi Dashcam offers some useful features, which an Actioncam does not necessarily offer:

Driver assistance system ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

The dashcam is equipped with two useful assistance systems, the one with a lane departure warning – LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) – by an audible warning alerts the driver when unintentionally leaving the lane it and on the other a front sensor – FSS (forward sensing system ) – which measures the distance to the preceding vehicle.

Good recordings – even at night

Thanks to the 165 ° wide angle lens, up to three lanes can be recorded by the cam, as well as a high resolution glass lens with an F1.8 aperture and a 3.0μmx3.0m image sensor  (Aptina 2 Megapixel AR0230). The high-resolution sensor promises good results even in poor light conditions, such as at night or in a car park.

Smartphone Apps

For the Dashcam there are in the respective stores smartphone apps for Android  and iOS , these can be connected via WiFi with the cam. The apps primarily serve as operating aids, for example, you can switch the cam on / off, look at recorded recordings or view the picture in real time. It is not necessary for the operation of the Cam however necessarily.IOS app ges

Especially from Russia and China one knows the videos, which show the most curious incidents in the road traffic. That it is there on the roads noticeably different goes as here probably explains the greater popularity of the cameras there.

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