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Day of Sleep – The best sleeping gadgets for the summer time

  • by Tyler
  • 2 Years ago
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Well, if that’s no coincidence. Today is the day of sleep on the same date as the longest day of the year . It will hardly be any more paradoxical, because at these temperatures, most of us will probably avoid the otherwise so loved bed and the occupants of a loft apartment prefer for this night probably the fridge than their sleeping.

One does not have to sleep in summer Meme

But rather sleep outside?

Probably it makes sense to place the sleeping place directly outside, as the air outside the living quarters cools down faster than the heat that has accumulated all through the day in the four walls. Such a night under the open sky is hardly to be surpassed in idyll. Provided you do not live directly at a motorway, at the airport or a night club …

New Standard – The Laysack

The principle is simple: a large bag, which is filled with air, is closed and then directly usable. If you want to speed up the process, you can certainly use a fan . The Laysack is just as big as the backpack in the original state, in which you transport your beer to the excavation lake. Right there you could use the aircouch and our test attest him also a certain robustness, so that it does not break by normal use. If you want to know more, please read our test report.


The classic – the hammock

Who does not know her? The classic variant of a Laysack allows almost as much flexibility in the search for sleeping space, but it is probably the ultimate comfort. What you need is the mat and two sturdy trees, posts or whatever to place the mat in between and you can make it cozy. This hammock even gives you the opportunity to take a companion with you on your mat, because the tear and weather resistant nylon allows a maximum load of 300 kg . There might even be space for a third person or a few refreshments or even a vacuum cleaner that will keep your new night spot clean.đŸ™‚

Green hammock between two trees.

Eyes to get

Especially when it is so bright tonight and you want to go to bed early, because the alarm clock the next morning to ring too early, it can be problematic to fall asleep at all. Everyone should have their own means and fall asleep from the sheep to the TV watching TV is probably so everything.

Darkness to wind up

No, you do not have to be Cro to carry a Pandamaske. And we would not be China gadgets if we did not offer you the matching sleeping mask: the Panda sleeping mask. Many people swear by the fact that a sleeping mask provides the necessary darkness, which is sometimes simply not given from the outside. In front, the Pandamaske is plush and can be attached to your head with a flexible rubber band. Practically there is a set of 5, so you can supply your entire Pandaf family. And how to say so beautiful: be like a panda .

Worn Pandamaske in different variations

How do I sleep?

Your partner, your partner or your friends have already given you answers on such a question, which have surprised you. “You’re snoring,” “You’re talking in your sleep” or “You’ve pulled the blanket from me”. If you want to monitor your sleep times, the Xiaomi Smart Mi Band 2 would certainly be an option. Although you can not expect a sleepy lab for your wrist, it provides you with reliable information about the duration of your sleep and also tries to divide your sleep into light and deep sleep phases. Outside of this function, you can also measure your pulse, count steps and wake you up.  

“The early bird…”

“… can me times” tends to say the average German, when it comes to the vexing topic of the rising. While every new day offers a new opportunity and new challenges, we know all these days when you want nothing else but to stay. At the current temperatures and the early sunrise the rising is much easier, but since tomorrow it will be very slowly again later, you should perhaps already provide.

 Narrator: the alarm clock

“The only reason why I do not throw my alarm clock on the wall in the morning? It’s My Cell Phone “. It is probably a kind of hate love, which reboots every morning when the smartphone alarm clock once again plays the melody, which you simply can not hear anymore. Also changing the sound does not matter, because it is never really nice. To adjust your favorite song as a wake-up tone is something that many of us regret today.

However, it is also relatively easy to provide relief. There are alarm clocks like cat videos on the Internet  and everyone has to decide for himself, which he can best stand every morning. For those of you who are a bit heavier in the morning, we recommend the Sonic Bomb, which we have tested for you.

Sonic Bomb in operation

I hope you are armed for the day of sleep and the high temperatures this month. Do you still have gadget suggestions that are absolutely necessary in this list?

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