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(Children’s) employment: basketball game for the head for 7.11€

  • by Tyler
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

Who knows Looping-Louie can already think what comes now 😀. We, the China gadgets editors, out-feed us as fans of the popular drinking eehhhh children’s game and in this basketball game “for children” are us several game variants shot in the head.

Basketball game

  • Basketball game
    • At Zapals for 7,11 €AliExpress for 9,09 €  | Amazon for € 11.31  (Prime Shipping) EBay for 11.56 € 

Scope of the basketball game

The game “Basket Game” or “Basket Case” includes a basket, which can be adapted individually to different skull sizes by Velcro closure . The dimensions of the basket are given in the case of AliExpress with 26,5 x 5,3 x 26,5 cm, whereby it is presumed that the basket has a diameter of 26.5 cm, the net of the basket is 5.3 cm deep and Again 26.5 cm the total height of the frame.

Basketball game scope of supply
The basket has only to be put together, and let’s go!

In addition to a basket, 20 small plastic balls are included in the game , 10 of them are white and 10 red. This is the starting point for a nice WG evening or something similar, giving you a lot of room for .. let’s say your own interpretations of the game rules😀

Possible game variants of the basketball game

We have not taken a short brainstorming on possible game rules, of course your own creativity is no limits. 🙂

The duel – 1 vs.. 1

In this type of game we recommend you to sit down at a distance of one to two meters depending on how long the cozy gathering already runs . To increase the level of difficulty could of course also be played standing, but we were agreed that due to the increased risk of injury sitting is the better variant.

Since a game contains  only one basket, there is nothing left to change, except to change . The player who has the basket on his head should try to keep his head to a minimum, for the sake of fairness, otherwise there will probably never be a hit 😀. The opponent uses his 10 balls to hit the basket. The number of hits allowed the person to take as “sip” from his drink, whose drink is first emptied! The loser must be emptied into a train.

Team Deathmatch – x vs. x

For this, (unfortunately) more than one game is needed , since every other player needs his own basket. Fortunately, you get for the price of a looping Louie already two basket games 😀Now it’s teams to form. Since each player has 10 red and 10 white balls, you exchange with the opponents, so each team has only balls in one color.

Here we go! Since each team is supposed to have about 20-30 balls, it is played on time. 30 seconds is the battle. The players try to carry as many balls as possible in the baskets of the opposing team – depending on how late it is already, the throwing time can be adapted as desired. Important: In order for the whole half-way to be clear, everyone can throw only one ball at a time – throwing a handful of balls into the crowd is not permitted. After the throwing time is counted. The team, who has sunk more balls in the baskets of the opponent, has won the round. To punishment, the losers of the round drink, I imagine the whole also with a Sangria bucket as “team drink” very funny before.

Last Man Standing – None Is playing with you? Play with yourself!

Some fun-doers who do not want to play along will be there more often, but whoever has already come to a party 2-3 hours too late has already experienced it: everyone already has good to very good mood but you do not! With you can not play any more so right, so you only have one thing to catch up!

Basketball game demonstration picture

Simply attach the basket to your own head, throw the ball vertically into the air and try to catch it with the basket again. To increase the difficulty, you can also try to catapult the ball to the basket. You have some fun with the basketball game.

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