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Car refrigerator for 12 cans – with coupon code for 21,56€

  • by Tyler
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal
The promotional voucher has expired, the price with our voucher PandaGB is now € 21.56 .

Imagine you meet your friends at the lake and then you have a chilled beer for everyone . This is no longer a problem with this autokühlschrank.car fridge

  • Car fridge
    • At GearBest for € 21.56  (coupon code PandaGB ) | Amazon starting at 26,39 € 

    IMPORTANT:  If youselect Priority Line ( Germany Express )during the ordering process, Gearbest will pay the customs fees for you, so there will be no additional costs . Shipping usually takes no longer than 14 days. Read more here.

The refrigerator is specially designed for the car (12 Volt), and is connected to the cigarette lighter. It fits all 12 0,33l cans in the refrigerator and so you can surprise all first with a nice cool beer; Or two. For you, of course not, since you are there with the car.😉

car fridge
It does not always have to be beer 😉

There is also a switch that allows you to determine whether the box should cool or warm. So it is not just a fridge. This makes this gadget, super at any time of the year and it is not too late to buy it.

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