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  • FiberFix repair tape (the world’s strongest tape?) For 2.86€

FiberFix repair tape (the world’s strongest tape?) For 2.86€

  • by Tyler
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

After you have stepped on your fishing rod during the angelausflug, your wife calls to tell you that in the basement the water pipes are leaking again. Well, for anyone who just needs to repair his FiberFix repair tape for any kind of repairs   , and of course there is a much cheaper  alternative in the Chinese shops.

FiberFix repair tape

  • FiberFix repair tape
    • At AliExpress for £ 2.86EBay for 4,29 €  | Amazon for 10,10 €

I had seen the FiberFix repair tape recently at Galileo in the test, the tape met almost all expectations of the testers. The adhesive tape needs water at room temperature to unfold its hardness as it is a fabric tape impregnated with moisture-activating resin. In the dry state the tape does not stick. After ten minutes , the tape will be hard as steel , so you can stick together perfectly. It is also possible to have a camping trip or a festival visit, in addition to everyday household items.

After ten minutes of waiting, the tape becomes hard as steel and sticks together

The supplied plastic tape has only to be wrapped around the tape, which is located on the place to be repaired and can be broken only very hard from now on. The adhesive tape should also be used for pipes and other leaks as it is to be completely watertight  . According to the manufacturer, the FiberFix repair tape is a hundred times stronger than Duct Tape. But convince yourself:

If you need to fix things more frequently, prepare yourself for the next camping trip or save yourself the next car repair, the FiberFix repair tape is certainly not badly served at a small price. Only the wait time of ten minutes until the tape is usable is negative.

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