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  • Spring is coming: Gardening gloves with claws for 1.70€

Spring is coming: Gardening gloves with claws for 1.70€

  • by Tyler
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

At the current temperatures from spring to speak is far from me. Nevertheless, the warmer temperatures can not be delayed for a long time, and the gardening work is a part of that. So that these go more easily from the hand, there are garden gloves with claws.Garden gloves with claws

  • Garden gloves with claws
    • On eBay for 1.57 €GearBest for 1,99 € (coupon: PandaGB) | AliExpress for 2,28 €

The garden gloves are made of latex with plastic claws . This is only on one of the gloves on the small, ring, middle as well as pointing finger . Thus one can carry out the coarse work with the right hand, such as easy digging, and the left remains versatile. The gloves are  24 x 13.5 x 4cm in size, so they are not necessarily suitable for the largest hands. But with such “shovels” one can make use of somewhere else in the garden. For smaller beds and pots the garden gloves are ideal for the care. An elastic cord is attached to the wrists to allow the gloves to sit tightly and not to get into the ground. When you’re done with your gardening,😛

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