Finally out again !? Freeline Drift Skates for 18,39 €

A mixture of the best boardsports – snow and water included – on two small boards !? Outdoor sports and board lovers of all ages should now urgently read on. And the children in us also: Because the roles of the model of the drift skates tested by us flash even when rolling.

Drift skates

  • Flashing Freeline drift skates
    • With Tomtop for 18,39 €   (code AJSKATDE )  | Amazon for $ 29.99   (with prime shipping) AliExpress for 30,99 €

The principle of drift skates

It all began with the desire to find a way to overcome downhill routes , ie downhill slopes, better and, above all, more agile than with the skateboard or longboard. It quickly became clear that two independent skates were easier to control and control: the drift and freeline skates were born, almost a hybrid of board and skates and ideal for speed and agility .

Drift Skates Gif

What a skateboard but at stability offers, the drift skates greatly miss and the hold of inliners they do not offer. If you master them, however, you should get the feeling of a mixture of both – the maneuverability of inliners and the possibility of tricks as possible with the good old skateboard . The driving feeling is even reminiscent of that of a snowboard or surfboard , the driving technique resembles a street or a waveboard – so quite promising!

The design is even simple and reduced to the essentials: two plates coated with conventional griptape , under which two rollers are mounted. Admittedly, at first the sound of inliners or of the roller-skates, which one could pull as children over the shoes, however, has two distinct differences: The skates have no binding and are therefore not attached to the foot or the shoes and The rollers are mounted so that they are slightly angled to the side, not forward .

The Driving Directions

So how do you drive with drift or freeline skates? The position of the skates and thus of the feet is important when climbing. As we initially thought in the office, they were not aligned with the boards, but with the rollers and placed them in a straight horizontal line Skates should point obliquely outwards . Here are the clear markings: R for right and L for links . Self-explanatory, right? Then, in theory, one pushes off with a foot, similar to the inline skating. Then, as with streetboards, you move your own body in twisting motions, while you’re almost controlling it to drive in snake linesSo the fans of the comparatively young Funsport gadget, even be easier , than street or skateboarding . I must at this point but then unfortunately the nakedness and confess that I failed miserably. Since I’ve seen what you can do with the parts, I’m quite motivated to do it anyway.


But do not worry: Even if you can start with boards in general as little as the majority of our editorial department: The drift skates also have a lot of fidget toy potential and offer a lot of fun even in the sitting – once under the feet, you hardly hear Still to roll them back and forth again and still have both hands free for work 😉And otherwise there are still electric skateboards or the even more comfortable robot board.
However, if you now feel drawn straight out, you might find more inspiration in the drift skates. Especially in Asia they are quite popular and when we are honest, they look after a lot of fun. Especially when you consider that they are not just two, But several board sports. Although it is a bit complicated at the beginning, it is with all the new things: practice makes the master, as is well known; This will not be otherwise.


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