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  • Like the princess on the pea? Fruity beach towels for 8,06 €

Like the princess on the pea? Fruity beach towels for 8,06 €

  • by Tyler
  • 1 year ago
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At high temperatures you sometimes get quite banana in the pear and would like nothing better to lie with a fruity cocktail with umbrella on the beach and let your mind dangle. Since it would be ideal, if you can put on a stylish towel in the form of a fruit, which your summerfeeling once again underlines perfectly.

Dragonfly beach towel on the beach

  • At AliExpress for 8,06 € | Banggood for 8,36 €

The fruity beach towels consist of a polyester fiber and a polyamide blend and they are only available in one size. With a weight of 130 g , the towels are really very light. Since the beach towels are round, dimensions of 150 x 150 cm and are thus for children definitely large enough. However, most adults should still be able to place the majority of their body on the cloth and  make a nap.

The special feature of this towel is not the material but the 3D print on it. Thus, there is a choice of a lemon, kiwi, dragon fruit, watermelon or a tomato . Even if the classification of the tomato as fruit or vegetables is somewhat difficult, it is as beach towel as well as the other fruits. Due to the material and the very low weight of the fruit cloths, it is to be assumed that the cloth is more likely to be intended to lie on top than to be able to dry well.

Cross section of a lemon

Fruit motifs like the watermelon or a pineapple are currently very trendy and are well received in the summer. Despite the small restriction the beach towel is definitely the highlight of your next outdoor visit.

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