Send messages via LED Fidget Spinner for 7.11€

And every day the murmur greets … um, the Fidget Spinner. Whenever we think that it has been, the next smart Fidget Spinner idea comes along and shows us what is possible with these little things.

In addition to the well-known basic principle of a Fidget Spinner, the app function is something new. The spinner can be connected to the mobile phone using a micro-USB cable and then controlled via an app. With this app, you can enter short messages and then select them as you want them to be displayed by the integrated LED’s . For this, you have the colors red and blue to choose from, which can be either blended or blended. In addition, you have the choice between three display modes: Up / Down, Left / Right or Fixed.

Of course electricity is also needed. Inside, a 60mAh lithium-ion battery is installed, which is recharged within 2 hours and then continues for a full hour. The housing itself is made of plastic, has dimensions of 7.60 x 7.60 x 1.50 cm and weighs 34 g on the scale. The most important value for some of you will probably be the spinning time : according to the manufacturer, this is still 02:35 min.

LED Fidget Spinner Application examples
Here are some application examples for the LED Fidget Spinner.

Overall, we find the thing is a nice idea and could certainly complete your collection well. Just when you stand on LED’s, this little gadget is probably a nice toy. The biggest drawback is, however, that the app is probably only compatible with Android . This is available for download on the GearBest page.


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