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The next Samsung Gear VR will be of independent use

Future virtual reality glasses
That virtual reality has arrived to stay is something that no one can discuss. Of course, at the moment are not especially numerous companies that launch their own products. One of them is Samsung, which already works on its new model of the Samsung Gear VR glasses and, these, would arrive with surprise. We’ll tell you.To date the accessory that the Korean company has launched to the market did not include the necessary to work independently and, therefore, they needed the use of a smartphone inside to create the worlds that the user sees. Well, it seems, the next generation of the Samsung Gear VR will no longer have such a dependency and, therefore, can be used individually.So, in the next generation of the glasses that are already prepared in Samsung will include a screen itself, so that the use of a phone is not necessary. And, in addition, this component will be a great quality since we speak of a panel OLED of own manufacture that would allow to reach a resolution of 2,000 points per inch . If you are not clear if this is a lot or a little, I’ll give you an example: the current models of the Samsung Gear VR reach 579 maximum dpi. An abysmal difference, which would bring a much superior graphic wealth (even, offered by the Oculus Rift glasses, which stands at 460 points per inch).

The new Samsung Gear VR will arrive next year

Obviously, we are talking about a product that you do not have in mind to go on sale this year, since the corresponding model of Samsung Gear VR for 2017 – and that we have already analyzed – has yet to travel in the market. Therefore, the logical thing to expect is that the glasses we talk to with their own screen, where there will be collaboration with Oculus , will be presented alongside the new Samsung Galaxy S9 in early 2018 . We will have to wait, but it seems that it will be necessary to send some content from the smartphone so that, in this way, an accessory is still considered.

Virtual Reality Environment for the Samsung Gear VR

By the way, the increase of the resolution of the screen, according to some of the experts asked by the source of the information, will cause the human eye to detect in a much more natural way what it sees when using the glasses of virtual reality Samsung Gear VR. And, in this way, it will be possible to correct the dizziness that some users suffer by giving them continuous use. If so, this advance would be as important as the one that is an independent model and that produces images of higher quality.

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