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Apple AirPods: new gestures already with iOS10 use

Apple AirPods

New gestures for the Apple AirPods

We criticized the limited gesture functionality of the wireless Apple AirPods in our test. The double tap is so far the only operation possibility – either Siri can call up or the playback start or pause. No volume change, no songs jumping back and forth, etc.

With the upcoming update of the mobile operating system iOS to version 11, you can finally adapt the control gestures of the AirPods: In the future, you can define separate actions in the settings for the left and right handset.

If the latest firmware of the AirPods is installed and connected to an iOS11 (Beta) device, the new configuration options are immediately available. Especially useful: If the AirPods then connect again to an iOS 10 device, the new functions are retained!

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