Zolo Liberty+: Kickstarter campaign from Anker with new wireless In-Ears

Zolo, a new brand of the well-known accessory manufacturer Anker, wants to bring on the financing platform Kickstarter kabellose In-Ears similar to the models of Apple and Bragi on the market.

The Asian company, which has so far been available with low-priced headphones, especially at the online retailer Amazon, is now also trying to enter the market of high-quality hearables.

Zolo wants to have 50,000 US dollars, the financing goal was exceeded after only ten hours by ten times.

The Liberty+ now have good chances to reach the market. Money should not be lacking, the product stands and falls with the sound and whether the promised features can also be implemented satisfactorily. Who does not remember Bragi, who also financed their wireless headsets by crowdfunding, but for a long time had to deal with problems.

According to the manufacturer, the Liberty+ therefore solve four major problems of wireless headphones. The sound quality should be better than the competition thanks to new materials. The battery life will be higher, more comfortable as well, and the wireless connection should be more stable. We have heard from other manufacturers so already, the technical data behind it sound however quite interesting. Thus, Zolo is based on the new Bluetooth-5 standard and installed LDS antennas; Which should allow a more stable and energy-saving connection. The drivers should consist of graphs, a crystalline layer of carbon atoms, and the case should be made of carbon. Both should ensure a high sound quality. In addition, there is support for Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, external microphones are designed to allow external sounds to be heard from the outside and to be well-known to all athletes. The Liberty+ are water-resistant and/or perspiration-resistant. What is missing (at the current information level) is active noise canceling, an integrated memory and a heart rate monitor.

Check Rates and Availability

The Zolo Liberty+ are scheduled to cost $ 129.99, kickstarter is now $ 99 including shipping. In the fall, the Liberty+ should then feed you. We are definitely excited and look forward to an extensive test.


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