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Download the wallpapers of the OnePlus 5 in FullHD, 2K and 4K

The OnePlus 5 has already been presented and is still the theme that is on all sides. This morning we have learned that they have caught the Chinese company cheating with the performance of OnePlus 5 shown in some benchmarks, but now, it is not the turn to talk about a negative news, but to see all the wallpapers of the OnePlus 5 that are in resolutions FullHD, 2K and 4K.

We have already spoken this morning about the little evolution that has had the OnePlus 5 in the section of the screen. The Chinese company has decided to include the same panel that they put on the OnePlus 3T in its new terminal presented yesterday, and this has come along with a price increase of 100 euros, which makes it possible to criticize OnePlus for having had the Same budget in design and screen and have increased both the price.

The wallpapers of the OnePlus 5 in different resolutions: 2K, 4K and FullHD

The screen of the OnePlus 5 has a resolution FullHD, but today we can bring you thanks Hampus Olsson, the designer of the wallpapers of the new mobile OnePlus, these wallpapers in three different resolutions. We found wallpapers in FullHD, in 2K and 4K – although 4K has only Sony. The designer explains how he has made the wallpapers, evolving over last year that also made those of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X, among others. These new wallpapers follow a very minimalist style, with a flat background and a colorful object in the middle.

Wallpapers of the OnePlus 5

Here we leave some of all the wallpapers that the OnePlus 5 carries, and we can find it with the “Never Settle” logo , or without it, as we see in the image, if we want the funds but we do not like the Slogan of OnePlus. These funds are among the most beautiful that we have found in all the high end terminals on the market.

If you want to download all the funds in all possible resolutions , we leave a link to Dropbox so you can do it. In case you want to look at all and see which ones you like the most and only download one in particular, below we leave the link to the website of the designer of these new wallpapers.

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