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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm Softskin Review

The DT 770 Pro headphone from the German company Beyerdynamic is a real studio classic – and quite rightly so!

Processing and handling

The DT 770 Pro is pragmatically robust processed and reminds a little of headphones, which also use pilots and tank drivers. The design is based on a steel plate hanger encased in a synthetic leather upholstery, which is secured with press studs. The bracket is adjustable in width and can also be permanently bent or bent due to the metal character. The sides, on the other hand, are made of plastic, quite large and deep. The present test specimen has artificial leather covers, also called softskin, but also fluffy, gray velor cushions are available. The auricles continue to provide easy play in the vertical. The side panels are also not foldable, so that the headphones for transport purposes can not be reduced and thus quite bulky.
The cable guide is attached on one side and attaches to visible cables in the area of ​​the auricles, the cables being guided inside the temple padding. The connection cable is spiral-shaped and extended approximately 3m long.
The “one-ear-free-monitor-mode” is here only conditionally possible, the comfortable storage at the neck however definitely not possible, since the headphones here feels like a neck circling.


Thanks to the rasterized height adjustment, the DT 770 fits every head size. Although the auricles can only be moved in the vertical, the headphone still adapts well to every head shape. The artificial leather padding of the sides – in combination with the ear-enclosing construction – is very comfortable. However, the headphone tends to push something from the top and from the side to the head. The pressure exerted by the side panels can be reduced a little by bending the strap slightly. But you should not do this all the time. On the other hand, the high contact pressure naturally also ensures a tight fit so that the headphones do not slip even in the wildest performances.


The DT 770 is instantly noticeable through its “bombast sound”, so it is a real “HiFi-color”. The basses are very strong, too powerful. The heights in turn are pleasant, do not sound hard or even strenuous. Many highs and basses, also called “bathtub”, is a lot of fun and sounds really good. However, the assessment of the important centers is somewhat difficult due to the masking effect. Mixed styles, especially rock and pop, sound good at low volume. The basses are then beautifully emphasized and are not even loud at high level. If you get even louder, the load limit announces itself mainly by distorted mids and highs, the bass, however, does not compress. The visual quality of transients is also good, Especially measured by the price. Furthermore, the Beyerdynamic provides for a closed headphone a very good localization in the stereo broad range. This impression is also due to the fact that the drivers were placed relatively far away from the head. Individual instruments and their placement on the stereo stage are therefore very good and differentiated and can be heard and spotted.


The DT 770 is delivered without additional accessories, only the unscrewable adapter plug from 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm jack is included. A carrying bag or the like can not be found. The rich spare parts list of the manufacturer is worthwhile: practically every single item can be bought and replaced. This is definitely sustainable!

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