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Aukey EP-B14 Bluetooth Sport In-Ears Review

The Aukey EP-B14 Bluetooth Sport In-Ears are not equipped with ordinary ear cushions, but with rigid rubber bands, which are funnel-shaped in the ear. The concept reminds a little of the Bose SoundSport. How this affects the accuracy and the sound, you will learn in this test!

Aukey EP-B14

Technical specifications

Surname Aukey BP-B14
connectivity Bluetooth 4.1
mass About 22 grams
Battery life 110 mAh approx. 7 hours

Scope of delivery, processing and design

In addition to the headphones themselves are included in the delivery ear plug in two different sizes, a Micro-USB charging cable and a user manual.

Aukey EP-B14 Accessories

The Aukey EP-B14 are solidly processed and have no material defects or other defects . The buttons are fixed in the housing and have a good pressure point. Unfortunately, the ear hooks are not adjustable, but they are very flexible and can therefore be individually adapted to the shape of the ear.

The ear pads, or in this case rather ear plugs, are rigid in contrast to ordinary in-ears and adapt only to the shape of the ear. As a result, the auditory canal is not completely closed.

Aukey EP-B14 handset
On the ear plugs there is a second hook, which is to improve the stop additionally

The design of the headphones is very simple in black . Apart from the small, white Aukey lettering on the listeners, there are no color accents.

Battery life

The 110 mAh strong battery is designed to hold up to 7 hours of music listening and up to 180 hours of standby. The charging process takes about 2.5 hours.

Aukey EP-B14 charging connector
The charging port is located on the right handset and is protected by a plastic cap

Operating the Aukey EP-B14

The Bluetooth In-Ears have three control buttons, which are also attached to the right handset.

Aukey EP-B14 Control knobs
The buttons have several functions

Functions of the buttons at a glance:

Button: Briefly press Press and hold
louder button volume up Next title
quieter button quieter Previous title
Multi-function button Play / Pause Pairing mode; On off


Unfortunately, the ear plugs do not completely close the auditory canal and give the listeners so no stop. However, the Aukey EP-B14 keep the ear hooks very good at the ear and do not slip even with jerky movements, but remain in the desired position. Since the control buttons are attached directly to the handset and not to an operating element on the cable, none of the handset is loaded by an additional weight.

The sound

The Bluetooth sports headphones generally have a solid sound , but the bass is quite weak in this model. Since the ear plugs do not completely close the ear, basses develop less strongly.

Aukey EP-B14 Ear hooks
The ear plug is inserted over the entire surface of the driver

The high and middle range sound good . The sounds are clear and do not sound muddy.


Overall, the Aukey EP-B14 is a solid headphone that scores with a good workmanship and comfort . Unfortunately, the ear plugs do not close the ear completely, so that basses develop only weakly. However, this could also be seen as an advantage, since one is so sweating in the ears during the sport. High and medium notes are above average and give a clear sound. The IP protection IP64 promises protection against the penetration of foreign bodies and water , so the headphones are ideally suited for a workout.

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