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The catalog of ultra-rugged or rugged terminals does not stop growing. More and more Asian manufacturers are betting to create a solution of this type, offering a terminal very resistant to blows and falls at demolition prices. And the first example we have it with AGM and its AGM X1. 

I am speaking of an IP68 certified terminal and a design that guarantees high resistance to blows and falls. After two weeks of use, I leave you with a complete analysis of the AGM X1.



Before starting with the section of the design I want to mention the packaging of the AGM X1 . And is that I was very surprised the quality of the box, which has a satin finish really pleasing to the eye.

I am used to the manufacturers to use a very simple packaging, but it has not been the case of AGM that has bet to  offer a product that attracts from the first moment in which we take the package. 

Let’s go to the design section. In this case we are not the typical phone rugerizado, but the device is quite normal, without those excessive rubber covers. Mind, this is a double-edged sword since the terminal may have less resistance than other models, but in my tests it has behaved quite well and, if you do not lead to an armed conflict, I do not think you have problems if you fall To the ground a couple of times.

At the front is where we will find the secondary camera, screen and touch buttons to pull back and open the task manager. Eye, because the central button is not a physical, although it seems, but is tactile and works both to get to the Home of the phone and fingerprint sensor.


The AGM X1 features a rubbery appearance , although part of the body is made of titanium to give the phone great resistance. The design has a diamond-shaped lattice that prevents the phone from slipping from the hands, something that I appreciate especially if my hands are wet. This is where we will see the dual camera system with flash; A speaker, brand logo and 10 screws that fix the lid to the terminal, something to which we are accustomed to see with other Chinese terminals of this type, so there is not much to count on this aspect.

Following on the sides, say that in the right we find the button on and off along with the port for micro SD and SIM cards. Eye, these entries are sealed with a lid to prevent liquid from entering with a design very similar to the first Sony Xperia Z.

On the left side is where we will see the volume control buttons, keys that offer an acceptable path and a good feeling to the pressure. Something vital on a phone of this type.

A phone with a lighter design than other models with similar features and demonstrates that a phone can be resilient without having to be a real hulk.

AGM X1 technical features

Brand AGM
Model X1
OS Android 7.0 Nougat
screen 5’5 “Super AMOLED with Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 multitouch
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
GPU Adreno 405
Internal Storage 64 GB expandable by MicroSD up to 128 GB
Rear camera 13 MPX with flash / autofocus / Optical image stabilization / face detection / panorama / HDR / flash Dual-tone LED / Geolocation /
Frontal camera 5 MPX with flash
Connectivity DualSIM Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / dual band / Wi-Fi Direct / hotspot / Bluetooth 4.0 / A-GPS / GLONASS / BDS / GSM 850/900/1800/1900; 3G bands (HSDPA 800/850/900/1700 (AWS) / 1900/2100) Band 4G band 1 (2100) / 2 (1900) / 3 (1800) / 4 (1700/2100) / 5 (850) / 7 (2600) / 8 (900) / 9 (1800) / 12 (700) / 17 (700) / 18 (800) / 19 (800) / 20 (800) / 26 (850) / 28 (700) / 29 (700) / 38 (2600) / 39 (1900) / 40 (2300) / 41 (2500)
Battery 5.400 mAh non-removable
Dimensions 163.5 mm x 79 mm x 11.8 mm
Weight 210 grams
Price  325 euros at Amazon

Technically we are talking about a telephone that happens to form that new high middle range of the sector. I will start by talking about its powerful 5.5-inch screen with Super AMOLED technology and reaching a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels offering a density of 401ppp.

To this must be added a protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that gives the screen of the AGM X1 of great resistance to blows and falls. I can say little of this type of panels that you do not know. The colors are vivid and clear, with that supersaturation so characteristic of panels of this type.

As expected on an AMOLED panel the blacks look perfect and have an excellent brightness level and more than right viewing angles to enjoy full multimedia content in company.

Following the other specifications, it is surprising that a manufacturer like AMG has not obtained by MediaTek to give life to your phone. And the AGM X1 beats thanks to a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 , an eight-core SoC that, along with the 4 GB of RAM that the device has, the performance is excellent allowing you to move any game or application without any problem , By much graphical load that these require. I already said that I have been using it for two weeks and its GPU Adreno 405 has allowed me to play any game without notice lag or any stop at any time.

And we can not forget the fact that the manufacturer has already released an update to have Android 7.0 Nougat on the device, in addition to being able to rootearlo rather easily to install ROMS cooked in the AGM X1.


Agm x1

This is one of the strengths of this terminal. And is that its huge battery of 5,400 mAh is more than enough to support the full weight of the phone’s hardware. But not only that, but I have reached the full three days of use without having to put the phone to charge.

I am talking about days when I have given a moderate use, when I have been testing games and other applications that consume more resources, the phone has endured two days on so it remains a very good autonomy.

And to this must be added the Quick Charge 3.0 Quick Charge system from Qualcomm and that allows in just two hours the phone is fully charged.



The AGM X1 is protected against shock and falls thanks to the rubber protection that the phone has. To this must be added the IP68 certification which guarantees that the phone can be immersed up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes without problems, as long as we close the covers that protect the different outputs of the terminal.

I have been testing it and the truth is that the phone has endured several drops to 1.5 meters in height, in addition to being able to submerge in the water without problems. If we add the application developed by AGM that has progressive alarms that help you if you have a fall, also has an SOS button and other functions that make your trips are much safer, we have an ideal phone to spend a few days Of adventure.


Agm x1 cameraAs for the camera, the terminal has a dual camera system, with a main sensor of  13 megapixels  and a  second sensor that is responsible for creating a bokeh effect  at the hardware level. The camera has an  aperture f/2.2  and the lens has  angular vision of 75 degrees. On the front we find a  5 megapixel camera.

This phone is clearly aimed at people who work in places where they need a terminal that is very resistant or that enjoy adventure sports and outdoor activities.

And the fact that your camera has a large number of modes and filters opens us a range of unique possibilities to squeeze the full potential of a phone full, more if we consider its hardware and its price.

In conclusion and to finish the review of the AGM X1, if you are looking for a durable phone, with good hardware and that you can take anywhere without having to worry about whether it will leave you thrown at the worst or if you are going to endure a day Of adventure, AGM’s new ruggedized phone is one of the best options to keep in mind.

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  1. I bought phone from big band before like AGM, feeling the phone would be
    more guaranteed. But after using S10 pro, my first phone from NOMU, I
    changed my view. It’s a really good phone. Sooner or later, it will
    become very popular.

  2. I bought phone from big band before like AGM, feeling the phone would be more guaranteed. But after using S10 pro, my first phone from NOMU, I changed my view. It’s a really good phone. Sooner or later, it will become very popular.

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