Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

If you are thinking about buying a tablet, we are going to put a long teeth as we have analyzed theSamsung Galaxy Tab S3 , one of the best model (not to say the best) we have tested to date in Topes Range. We tell you what you will get with this device that arrives with spectacular hardware.

The truth is that we are facing one of the tablets that must be considered as a differential in the current market. Apart from offering an excellent set, it should be noted that with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is included an S-type stylus Pen (yes, like the Galaxy Note) that allows to enhance all kinds of operations on the screen in a convenient and efficient. This accessory, which is only 9.4 millimeters thick, offers a pressure recognition of 4,096 points, making it very precise. Apart from that, compatible applications such as Pen APP are included to take advantage of it from the first moment.

Stylus S Pen for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

In what has to do with the operating system, the included is Android Nougat, which is already good, and does not lack the custom customization of the Korean company that is now called Samsung Experiencie, instead of TouchWiz. This includes everything good that was usual, and the truth is that neither is intrusive nor heavy.

Aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Aesthetically this device is very attractive. As it only weighs 434 grams it is possible to manipulate it with only two fingers, and the materials of manufacture used are the metal and crystal. This obviously gives it a striking look, but it gets very messy, so if you’re a little maniac about these things …

The buttons are all where it is customary, so we will not comment much on it. Of course, there are some details in the design that are worth noting. The first is that, despite having a thickness of only 6 millimeters, it includes a headphone port (a good detail). Apart from that, the cable connectivity is USB type C, so accessories like the one indicated yesterday by Xiaomi makes perfect sense with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. By the way, that the tablet has four speakers – signed by AKG – that sound rotund and that are very good.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet

It has some connection pins on one side that enables the use of direct accessories, such as a case with keyboard that is very useful when entering texts and give a more professional use to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. By the way, we find it strange and strange that this tablet can only be achieved in black color (which is nice, but other shades would give more possibilities to buyers).

Rear Image of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 hardware: high quality

Well to say more than this tablet offers simply outstanding performance , the best we have seen to date. The reason is that high-end hardware has been chosen and, therefore, its response in games, multimedia content, and all kinds of operations is “brutal”. The processor is a Snapdragon 820 (with an Adreno 530) and the RAM of 4 GB, so you can with everything without messing.

The hallucination is 32 GB (an option with 64 would not be too much), expandable by using microSD card. In connectivity, everything is included – there is even an LTE version. But it is curious that it does not have NFC because in the Front Home button the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 includes a great fingerprint reader . The combination would have been adequate.

Playing game on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The battery is 6,000 mAh , which is not bad for the thinness of the tablet, and with it exceed eight hours of use with the screen on, it is more than possible. Therefore, in the autonomy is fulfilled more than enough with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, which does not lack fast charge , another good detail that sure all thank in the daily use.

In what has to do with the camera, the included is 13 megapixels with LED flash and aperture F: 1.9, which behaves fairly easily but does not reach the levels offered by smartphones. The front element is 5 Mpx, so it complies with the videoconferences.

Screen and price of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The SuperAMOLED panel included in the tablet is excellent, with dimensions of 9.7 inches and resolution of 2,048 x 1,536. The quality of the images that it shows is really realistic and, in addition, it has to be added that it is compatible with HDR . For example, viewing content from platforms like Netflix or enjoying games or photos is a great experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Surely this device catches your eye, and rightly so because it is very good in all apparatados. Now comes the time to ask for the account and this is the following: 639 euros. It is not cheap, but what it offers justifies it.

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